Tuesday, November 13, 2018

In loving memory

In loving memory

Cyndi Wu
1990 - 2018


It is with much heartbreak and sadness that we are writing to tell you of the passing of our friend, artist and Dirt Palace member, Cyndi Wu.

Cyndi was a textile and apparel artist whose down to earth spirit, incisive mind and humble humor will be so sorely missed. As a spinner and weaver, she was sensitive to the whole cloth’s origins, embedding into her fabrics thoughtfulness and care to create playful new structures and materials full of softness, sensitivity and connections. Archiving memories through textiles, she carefully handled all of her creations, from the smallest details of her stitching to the complex patterns created to cover a whole surface. Through her art and gentleness she showed us a glimpse into her special way of seeing the world.
We are honored to have known her and to have been able to spend the past months with her. Our hearts go out to Cyndi's friends and family.
Together with friends, we are planning a memorial for Cyndi that will take the form of an exhibition of her work Thursday December 20th at the 159 Sutton Street Gallery.
All are welcome. We will spend the evening honoring Cyndi through her art work, photos and remembrances from 6p - 9p. Please get in touch (dirtpalace@yahoo.com) if you would like to be involved with the planning or have any questions.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Autumn's Threshold!!!

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Autumn's Threshold!

GRETA (Installation)
& MBDX (fashion for sale)

Saturday September 29th
Dirt Palace


The Fall (from Vogue)

Adaptation of the classic fall from grace, the work is partially based in process as the artist went through a hundred women’s magazines to create the collages while considering the ramifications the imagery has on women’s consumer lives. In addition to viewing her own reflection when working with the mirror components. The use of multiples creates a second form of reflection within the collages. The work is a reflection on reflections. 

Monday, September 10, 2018

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Wedding Cake House Work Day! Volume 5

When: 1-5pm September 15th
(Rain Date September 16th)

Where: 514 Broadway Providence

What:  a variety of renovation activities will be available! We should have some walls ready for priming if you’re a good painter...some wallpaper to scrape if you like the meditative satisfaction of turing a chaotic space into a blank slate, and LOTS AND LOTS of pulling/banging nails out of lathe and helping Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels with a sculptural arch made out of lathe from the house that will be stationed at the Bainbridge end of the yard. (Additional volunteer opportunities on this project Sept 8th - 18th - more on this below)

5pm on the lawn - we’ll have some food! Please RSVP so that we have a head count (dirtpalacepublicprojects@gmail.com)! Can only come part of the day...No Problem! Want to bring a friend/awkward first date/family member?  amazing! Want to just invite them to supper on the lawn afterwards - also totally awesome! Just let us know.

What to wear/bring/expect:  Wear old clothes (it’s really really dusty/dirty!) and shoes appropriate for a construction zone, If you have a hammer, nail pullers, or vice grips, bring em! If you have a bunch of construction experience and want to take on a specific project get ahold of us ahead of time...There are INFINITE projects. What to expect: banging, scrapping, moving stuff around, transforming things with people who you may or may not already know - high likelihood that you may make a new friend, because turns out when you smash/paint/scrape/carry heavy things in an insanely dirty zone with someone, well that’s a thing that you now have in common. Other potential activities include: Well one time we found a little secret panel, and another time a teenaged ukele band played during dinner - who knows what magic will await us this time!
Additional volunteer opportunities! 
We could really use some help getting prepped before work with Serra begins, as well as some hands to work with her as she installs. The Pro’s of this = you get to work alongside of an amazing artist on a super cool project and probably bang out nails listening to weird soundtracks, which personally we find super therapeutic and satisfying. The cons of this = there are no cons - it will just be awesome.  Message us if this is something you’re interested in. We are looking for folks September 8th-18th, whatever hours work for you (we’re usually on site 7am - 7pm). The 8th - the 12th will be prepping before the artist arrives and 13th - 18th will be dedicated to install, working directly with the artist. 


 "Standing in the Reign with Birds," (2018) : 50 Twitter Birds, 13 Stripes, 45 Party Streamers, 1 Tiny Umbrella

This is a piece about frustration of Trumpian proportions and finding little respite. It is a reminder to not be distracted by the razzle dazzle lest you miss some crucial details.




daniella is back from oregon with some work to show

September 5, 2018
Watch the Video

September 5, 2018
Watch the Video

*subletting downstairs studio / workspace - 6x8 feet expandable to 8x8 feet. includes use of wood shop, storage space, access to large common area for bigger projects, opportunity for print shop access. please email dbenbass@gmail.com for more information!*  

august saw an ephemeral video shrine, international zine fair, mini comix, hot dice, mimosa flower, phosphorescent plankton.  next: a paper device for believing in another year on earth

currently reading: opening and closing statements from the zapatista women's "first international gathering of politics, art, sports and culture of women who struggle"

point of fashion: "six dogs for protection"
current obsession: the atlantic ocean, histories, symbolic weight of;

One of the first things Cyndi made after suddenly transferring to art school. [models: merl &g]  Not as nostalgic as she used to be, but nothing to think about but memories while in the hospital.  For "if your everyday life seems poor, don't blame it; blame yourself; admit to yourself that you are not enough of a poet to call forth its riches; because for the creator there is no poverty and no poor, indifferent place. And even if you found yourself in some prison, whose walls let in none of the world's sound - wouldn't you still have your childhood, that jewel beyond all price, that treasure house of memories?" -rilke

Back to the free (?) world, Cyndi continues low-stim adult coloring with ugly flowers (anything goes).


[A Look at Art. Get Paid. critic takes in a room at the RISD Museum. Photo by Jay Simple]

Look at Art. Get Paid. has officially embarked on a six-month residency as part of this year's Philadelphia Area Creative Collaborative!

After an six-hour meeting with our team–Political Economist Craig Borowiak, filmmaker John Muse, and Philadelphia Area Coorperative Alliance director Jamila Medley– we now have a (still abstract) abstract.

'After Work: Seeing Race in Grassroots Economies' brings together local cooperatives, social practice artists, and Haverford faculty and students in Political Science and Visual Studies to map and unpack how the aesthetics, practices, and structures of institutions reinforce white supremacy–in spite of stated commitments to racial and economic justice. The burden of educating white-led, multiracial organizations about racialized practices typically falls on people of color, who often do this labor outside the workday without recognition or pay. What would it look like if this labor were clocked and paid– even for just a day? How might such interventions change how white-led organizations "see" race and racial injustice? Could staged reconfigurations of power and money lead to sustained shifts?  'After Work' looks to the myriad ways that communities of color have held, do hold, and can hold the institutions that serve them accountable to imagine and prototype more just configurations of money and power.

If this doesn't make sense, don't let me off the hook! Let me know at jdevanbu@gmail.com



A friend recently sent me an image of a vending machine she found on Craigslist while searching for soft serve machines. I immediately recognized the design of the vending machine's front panel as the same as that from the set of Grey's Anatomy's cafeteria—an oversaturated image of a waterfall in a lush forest . . .

⁘ ᴄᴀᴛʜᴇᴅʀᴀʟ, a public bathroom on your cell phone, is nearing completion. Please follow our Instagram account for updates.


Greta beat the claw machine twice this month. She's working on retelling myths and video installations.


Ink Drawings on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fataleggs
Guess she's still doing these things. And working on Wedding Cake House, which is endless and sometimes involves stumps and tree roots - mushrooms accidentally growing inside, disappearing pumpkins. Never felt so crazy as when blasting a heat gun in the sun today, but if you don't have muscles, nothing like heat to loosen the bolt.


Bonedust, Fruit of the Ash (2007 – 2017) is coming out on Annihilvs October 20th.
This release Bundle includes a cassette edition, a t-shirt, a one-sided, picture disc, lathe-cut 7inch single, and a copy of the digipak CD-R.

Over ten years in the making, Bonedust is joined by vocalists Rebecca Mitchell (WHORE PAINT, HOUSE RED), Maralie Armstrong-Rial (HUMANBEAST, VALISE), Natalja Kent (QUERENT) and vocalist/performer René Greene (NEVE RENE).
Get pre-orders here


Ok so this one is an obvious plug! But gotta do that some times! Pippi and Xander are in Got A Girl Crush magazine talking about the Wedding Cake House project, being interviewed by the amazing Faythe Levine!  What an incredible honor to be included in the pages along side of such a list of feminist movers and shakers. We've been long time fans! Print lives! If you don't know about the mag, read about it here. Or follow them on instagram here - which you'll definitely want to do, because we're going to "take over" i.e. guest post all day on September 15th! Stories all day long! What secrets will lurk!?

Friday, August 17, 2018

Heat Wave

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I command you to feast your eyes upon these words. Do it, I dare you. Who even are you? Fuck you. Eat me.

In this piece, I hope to convey the basic idea of the (sexual) fetishization of asian people. On a deeper level, I want to bring to light the experience of feeling like I am being eaten alive every day by the forces of white supremacy. Yes, even in liberal/radical/feminist/artist spaces, I become a token, consumed for my identity and my personal experience. This work is also a declaration of my self worth, and, on the flip side, how I am so desirable, appetizing, and en vogue, just like the newly discovered szechuan spot. It is SO GOOD and SO CHEAP and SOOOOO SPICY! Who are YOU, viewer? I take into consideration how starkly white the art world is, and know that most of you reading this right now are white. With this context, “eat me” is saying the opposite—it commands you to fuck off. I’m not gonna actually FEED you—white supremacy has already taken so much from me. On the other hand, I am paying homage to signage of asian nail salons and restaurants. We run this shit, so ya’ll can just eat me :)

Shout out to the diaspora, Josephine Devanbu for your help and critique, bell hooks’ “Eating the Other,” and my ol' teacher, Nancy Dwyer for showing me how to be clever and not give a fuck.


I’ve had a marvelous time subletting Daniella’s room this past month. I’ve enjoyed coming home to BABY and trying to make the most out of have a 24 hour all access print shop!

I will be around the Dirt Place until the end of the month before heading off  to work as a studio assistant at Arrowmont school of arts and crafts in Tennessee. Happy to be here now!


 RI expatriate afloat in california returns with new eyeballs to barf city for 'studio residency,' embracing time and space to tap the inner world frequency and the less-seen worlds around us.  realizing art is flowers and fruit for the dead, food for the living.  new output: ROT zine #8, lovingly printed fashions &/or permanent ink for freaks' adornment.  haunting the print shop all night, vanishing at dawn to do mysterious things in the ocean.  grateful to be here!
point of fashion: a principled revolutionary
current obsession: angels    
www.mbdx.life  @rot_radio

***NATIONAL PRISON STRIKE AUGUST 21!!! learn more #august21 #prisonstrike



Moving into the dirt palace in slow motion. Spooning baby the cat in front of two fans. Forming a newslettery mailer in my head. If you want to exchange mail email me your address: gretron@gmail.com


I got the opportunity to stay at the Dirt Palace this month and it was the perfect environment to do some reflection and make some new stuff! When I wasn't holed up in my room next to a box fan watching conspiracy theory youtube videos, I was working on projects like writing epic songs about transgender Australian murder suspects, translating the book of Ecclesiastes from ancient Hebrew, revising my zine about gender and disability and capitalism, making wallets, and doing chalk pastel portraits of my friends. I'll be playing a show at the Dirt Palace soon!


Mostly hiding, but backstrapping and killing mosquitoes as needed.
Maia and I are honored to have Look at Art. Get Paid. featured in the first episode of the Whitest Cube, a fab new podcast by our friends Palace and Ariana, taking on "the exclusionary history of art institutions from the perspectives of people of color." Check out their stuff at The Whitest Cube!

[Recent google docs collage of greek column repurposed as traditional Chinese acupressure tool]

In other news, Look at Art. Get Paid. has been invited to serve as artist-in-residence for this year's Philadelphia Area Creative Collaborative– a platform that supports interdisciplinary teams "pushing the role of the arts in effecting civic change" with funding from the Mellon Foundation.

We're super excited to collaborate with filmmaker John Muse, political economist Craig Borowiak (both of Haverford College) as well as Jamila Medlay, director of the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance. More concrete terms about what we'll be up to soon! 

C. is beginning research for a series involving the Christian Tenebrae service, family photographs, and dermatology.


Goofing in the trees. Eating all of the fruits of ruin. 


Thanks so much to Joseph Mauro for capturing these pics from the GYNA BOOTLEG/RECTRIX collaborative set! Video and tracks to be uploaded soon!

RECTRIX is honored to be playing AS220's Foo Fest this year with headliners Rah Digga and Pere Ubu. August 18
Too many local shows?
September 26th in collaboration with House Red with Helen Money and Wreckmeister Harmonies

at? TBA!


ROT #8 !!!! Hot off the presses!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

June Bug



JUNE 2018
SATURDAY JUNE 30th 2p - 5p
(rain date Sunday July 1st same time!)

It's been a whirlwind of activity! Plaster board getting craned into the building, repaired balconies starting to go back up outside, painting contractors getting finalized, choosing paint colors named things like "milk moustache" and "potato leek" pharmaceutical vials found in the ceiling... the list goes on! People have been asking when the next workday is and here's the scoop:

June 30th (rain-date July 1st)
The plan is to converge at 2pm and to wrap up by 5pm with a beautiful feast by our very own Advisory Council member Lucie Searle!
Please RSVP if you plan to attend so that we can get her a head count for food!
The plan is to have a variety of indoor and outdoor activities with a focus on painting - so dig out the messy paint clothes. For those of you who couldn't get enough wallpaper scraping... well... there might just be some of that too!! (Miss the rubble?!?! We don't!) If you want to check out video of 12ft sheets of plaster board being craned into the building - check it outHERE  


feminism be gentrifyin'
vinyl on paint
K. Funmilayo Aileru, also known as wacklikethat, is an emerging, interdisciplinary
artist, designer, and performer. Ze employs a variety of mediums including digital
media, sculpture, and installation to access themes such as [ancestral]memory,
trauma, and Otherness. An Afrofuturist, much of hir work ruminates on the
historical and present relationship between technology and marked bodies in the
West. wacklikethat’s work often calls on the aesthetics of popular SciFi through
materials such as Plexiglas, metallic materials, and circuitry. wacklikethat attempts
to shift cultural paradigms of power via collective imagination and future-world

Aileru received hir MFA in Digital + Media from the Rhode Island School of Design
in 2017. In 2014, ze received hir BA in Media Culture Studies and Media Arts from
Hampshire College. Aileru was born and raised in South Providence, RI where ze
currently lives and works as a teaching artist.


After 2 years only half-unpacked and periodically traveling, Cyndi is moving!
Did a dive and finally made-up making clothes this spring after imagining doing so always. (Thanks to models Sarah with the tank top and Alessia in shirt and pants :) Pulled the five of cups today but the experience is continuous. Been laying low, but online @c62_50

The Paris Review recently ran a story covering Equitable Met, a proposal for sliding scale pricing at the Met I co-authored in response to the Met’s decision to start charging a flat $25 free to visitors unable to demonstrate New York residence, bringing a to halt the it’s across-the-board pay-what-what-you-wish policy.
In How Much Should the Met Cost You?, writer Daniel Penny puts the new policy in the context with the Met’s “long struggle to serve both its visitors and its benefactors.” It’s a compromising history, including a 1897 episode in which the then director defended guards who turned away a plumber who came to the museum on his lunch break on the grounds that the smell of his work clothes would taint the experience of other guests.

Left: Daniel Penny’s story in the Paris Review. Right: sliding scale proposed inEquitable Met.
Earlier press for Equitable Met includes stories by Paper MagazineArtNet News,Fast Company, and Attractions Management. Equitable Met is a collaboration between Gradient and Look at Art. Get Paid.



Quick updates on the art realm: over the weekend, some co-organizer buddies & I ran the Queer/Trans Zinefest. I also was commissioned by the city to do a temporary mural on Public St (aerial pic posted below). You can read more about the project here, and watch a short video of me talking about the project and about myself as an artist. Be on the lookout for my DP window installation July-August.

And lastly, this will be my final post to the newsletter! I have to leave the Dirt Palace earlier than planned because of a sudden manifestation of a dream: to start a POC collective in Providence. My 7 months at the DP helped shape intention towards my creative practice and supported me in my personal growth, and I am so thankful! I will miss living in Olneyville!! On the flip side, I'm happy to be closer to my childhood home in South Prov :) This is not a goodbye, but a seeyalater

DiChiera Consulting - Dana Heng City Walk Mural 2018
Watch the Video


CR is working on a series of questionable 3D animations for the upcoming release of ⁘ ᴄᴀᴛʜᴇᴅʀᴀʟ, a public bathroom on your cell phone.

I am moving to LA! I got a dream job at Ground Control Touring and am starting the job in five days. While I knew that a move to LA was an inevitable part of my future, I was not expecting it so soon, and I am sad to be leaving Providence so quickly. I’ve been here since December 2016 and it’s been very good to me. Aside from everyone I’ve met I will miss Chengdu Taste the most.
Ummmm if you wanna keep in touch my instagram is @docs.google, or if you wanna be my penpal you can email me at megan.manowitz@gmail.com bye bye xo

Footage of RECTRIX performing at Ende Tymes 2018
Rectrix @ Ende Tymes 9 Brooklyn NY 4/7/2018
Watch the Video

and collaborating with Gyna Bootleg July 27th with Obsidian Needles and Zerfault

Daniella and Pippi are playing together as "Empty Field" on June 28th at Machines With Magnets.

She is also gearing up for a residency in mid-July in Pleasant Hill, Oregon at Kesey Farm.


Going around the sun. Looking at the moon backwards. Plants and trees. Summer is real. Tell me your stories about trees so I can learn the difference between a birch and a beech.


Tripple Canopy came by with their Publication Intensive yesterday and left us a manifesto for the library! There are landscapes (where are they?). Just in time for the beach! 

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