Friday, November 20, 2009

Brunchy Times This Sundayyyyyy!

Good news, west side eaters. This very Sunday you can enjoy all the comforts of fancy restaurant dining without any of the hassle of pulling it together to be seen in public. Triumphantly returning by popular demand (and by our need to buy some oil, if we ever want heat this winter) is the DIRT PALACE SUPER SECRET BRUNCHTIME HIGH FIVE EXTRAVAGANZA! Cruise by the DP this Sunday between 11-3 to enjoy some Mythical Meats with your tofu scram. Hearts of Harpies, anyone? Yes, there will be booze there. No, it will not devolve into a 36 hour caffeine driven rave. Or, ok, maybe, as long as we don't run out of nice coffee and have to resort to Maxwell House. Enjoy the dazzling culinary stylings of guest chefs JAMEZ DAY of ST JAMES FAME and CHIP KING WHO ALSO COOKS STUFF AND IS NICE!!!! Munch to the beats of radical brunchy djs MONTANA BLANCO and ALEE PEOPLES! Git It!!!!

What: Top Secret Brunch Restaurant
Where: Le Palace de Dirt
When Sunday November 22, 11-3
What Else: Super vegan friendly, $5ish donation or maybe more if you want to get totally housed on our Popov

the Palace

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