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August Digest

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People from the old days keep coming by and saying things like "oh my god i can't believe how clean it is!". That's the first piece of important news! The 2nd piece of important news is that it's time to spin the wheel of fortune and swap a beloved resident for a future friend.

Cold hard logistics:
Artist residence member spot available at the Dirt Palace October 1st.
Rent around $350 not including utilities.
Most pets not allowed. If you own a pet other than a cat or dog there may be a possibility.

Included in rent:
A good size "private" ** room with a loft. ** ( No guarantee that you won't hear someone from the New York System
coughing up lugees in the parking lot)
Access to shared studio space (the ballroom), print shop (screen print and letterpress), small wood shop, space for largish (sic) project fabrication, film (yes film not video) editing and animation, fabric studio/glorified costume rack with washer/dryer, band rehearsal space with a decent P.A., SSCOWL library, and a giant naturally lit kitchen space with many appliances -( ie. waffle maker, blender, espresso machine, george foreman grill, 5 juicers, etc, and an organ).

Member responsibilities include weekly dinner meetings where we discuss our collectively run projects (studio logistics, storefront window gallery, etc), a monthly "workday" where we all work on the space together, and a highly likely possibility that you may be addressed as "OVERLORD" of something.

Want to know more? Contact us at dirtpalace at yahoo dot com


This month's window artist was David Higgins (bio):

My name is David Higgins and I write things for humans and puppets to perform. Some of that performance happens alongside puppet shows made by a wide range of folks at the Blood From a Turnip puppet salon.

Before figuring out how to make it work
Even before pulling the what from the dreamspace
Before the next word, magnet, string staple or screw
Before bringing the world behind you in front of yourself and others
Before putting gears into motion
Before pulling strings
To make something spin, dance, hang, float, fly, mimic, speak, or live
Two questions:
Why This?
Why Now?
And after impulse, inspiration and ingenuity, still
Why This?
Why Now?
So, why this collection this august in Olneyville?
Why this exercise in site-specific writing with objects?
It’s time for a summer holiday for the objects, a little retreat for bits of different shows to hang out together.
It started with objects that were from a show that featured taking a holiday in one’s own town simply by becoming delusional.
It was time for the objects inspired by parts of Providence to see another neighborhood.
I started playing and this is what happened
I wanted to tell the story of creating a puppet show
I took some intentions into the window and when responded to the space, those intentions were mutated by the interaction of the objects in that space
I’m not quite sure, but I continued to ask the questions Why This? Why Now?, and what y’all see is the result. Hope you enjoy.



Past: Xander spent the past months summer as the Foo Fest Artist in residence. Too many highlights/adventures for one newsletter but here are a couple of pictures and maybe you saw this commercial already...but did you see the version for Telemundo featuring Dingo's deep booming voice over?

Future: Xander is putting her blacklight cars into her car and heading to NYC to do a play with Ric Royer, G.Lucas Crane and Jesse Heffler.

Niagara Falls: The city so depressed it jumped over itself.
The Fête of Mistakes:  Beneith Naigra Falls flows the Love Canal, and under the Love Canal hides the Cave of the Winds, the humbug attraction that blows life into the lungs of the greatest sideshow of lies called The The Fête of Mistakes!
The only thing that can live under such fantastical lies are desperation, the songs and dances of true love, and bargain DVD’s. And we give these to you. Or rather we sell these to you from haunted folding tables of merchandise, because this a love/horror story about exploitation. Or rather a musical about the insidiousness of capitalism, but you will hate the music. Get in line. There are free donuts*.
* Free with purchase of ticket and t-shirt. (discount tix coupon code: bingo)



Read what people wrote about J.R.'s performance, Bromance, and other artists' amazing works at The RISD Museum's Locally Made exhibition.
THE NOW!!!! 
See J.R. load large objects into an old coal bin at MASS MoCA for Megan and Murray McMillan's newest work.

J.R. Uretsky is included in the 2013 deCordova Biennial! The show opens to the public October 9th, but here is a little sneak peak at what she's been working on...



Mimi is letting the wind catch under her pastel-colored gargoyle wings. Off she glides on the smiling breeze. Roughly three blocks away from the palace she bumps into a brick building- after blood, before flowers- and there she lies now, continuing to make pictures, animations, and whatever with pieces of abandoned coach foam and chipped paint.
By crashing her fists into the ground Mimi sends seismic waves of big love and thanks to everyone at the DP forever!
Don't worry Klaus, she'll be back to play "Kitty Jail" on weekends...



The Dirt Palace Facade Project has received support from the Citizens Bank Foundation and LISC RI as part of the Growing Communities Initiative.   
Growing Communities is part of Citizens Helping Citizens Strengthen Communities, the bank's program to help contribute to the economic vitality of its communities. The Growing Communities initiative is designed to foster neighborhood revitalization and economic development activities across Rhode Island. LISC empowers neighborhood residents and community leaders to become active partners in creating goals and objectives for their neighborhood, and then connects them with the right resources and experts needed to implement the projects identified. This program is focused on the Olneyville neighborhood and is intended for projects that foster neighborhood revitalization, economic development and incorporates collaborative partnerships.
Wold is performing in the Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Kennedy Theater, Thursday September 5th.



Jieun Reiner
is still hanging out at The Learning Curve. Feel free to visit her if you want! She's hoping to be spending less time there soon, but it can be a hard place to leave…
// Here are some new things in progress:
// Here is a cool thing she saw in Vermont:



Muffy has two upcoming events that are supposed to be funny.
On August 29th she will be doing an Artist's Lab called "Yes, &" as part of the RISD Museum's One Room 
Yes, & is an experiment in improvisation that, like improv, may bomb.  Check it out from 6 - 8 pm

Sure, everyone is doing something at the museum between June 18 and November 3rd, but even though everyone has peed at White Electric it still feels good when its your turn.
Come early for TIMEGHOST's 4 hour performance!
On September 4th the one and only Randy Bush is debuting LuLz! at AS220, 8pm
  • LuLz! is a new monthly(fingers crossed)show at as220 hosted by local comedic connoisseur Randy Bush!

    This month show features not only your host, but the talents of:
    Will Smalley
    Walkeer Mettlling
    Cyrus Leddy
    Muffy Brandt and Mandy Roman
    Christa Weiss
    Emily Ruskowski
    Andrew Mayer

    Doors will open 8pm and the show will start at 9pm.

    Though this quote came from Channel 10 News in a piece about the foam floating down the Woonie this week I think it applies to Lulz!:
"I've been over here for the past 15 years, and I've never seen anything like this," said Providence resident Freddy Niebes.
Am I forgetting something?  Probably. Well, here is a pic of my Mom with Bob Dole and one of MISS RI TEEN who wore her sash on our whole Providence to Baltimore flight.  
Muffy still has a store,


Alison Nitkiewicz
Alison is busy working on art for her upcoming show with Julia Moses, called Dry Socket.  The opening is on September 5th, from 6:30 - 9:00 at 186 Carpenter Street in Providence.  It is free and open to the public and there will be snacks/drinks. Please come!!!  Dry Socket is a follow-up to the show the two put on together in the fall, and will feature large-scale silkscreened prints and installation. If you can't make it to the opening, it will be up for several weeks!
In order to make a specific piece for the show, Alison has been learning how to dry roses and thorny foliage to maintain life-like appearance using glycerin and cornmeal.  It has been an interesting and informative experience and she has been pleased with the results.


Thea Ulrich
Thea has spent too much time this month fully moving into her studio...but is finally almost there! She has been starting some sketch studies for her next series of paintings calledLooking for Space:

Thea is also a part of The Assembly of Light choir, and they have been working with What Cheer? Brigade this month in preparation for a first ever collaborative show, which they will be performing at the RISD Museum as part of the Locally Made events that have been happening. The show is on September 1st at 12 o'clock in the One Room - come check it out!
Lastly, she has been getting ready to head to MASS MoCA for the last week of August to perform in Megan and Murray McMillan's newest work. She will be boulder riding, ladder climbing, and hanging out with JR - it will be great. Check out the McMillan's awesome work and follow the piece at




Check this out! Freaky Osamu Tezuka, AKA da father o' manga, "Black Jack" comic, that illustrates scenes of painting on a beach with animal friends as well as a human/robot? brain being operated on.......
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