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April 2018 Bubbles and Rubble

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APRIL 2018

People have been asking – When are we going to have another workday at the Wedding Cake House? Well... now that it is spring ?!? (Is it?), we are aim to please! If you have an interest in coming over and lending a hand with physical labor, we're ready to take you up on it! Skip the gym & come and help us move bags of rubble to the dumpster, or move the “infamous” holly and thistle steam radiator to the 2nd floor. Still have a chill? Warm up by steaming off wallpaper

We'll likely have about 3 tons of bagged plaster rubble (150 ready to go 40ish pound bags) to move into a dumpster & many hands will make much lighter work of this! There will also be other jobs for people without the need for heavy lifting!

We'll get started at 2:00 pm, and start wrapping up and making bubbly cocktails and mocktails at around 5pm. The amazing Lucie Searle will once again grace us with her fantastic cooking. If you can RSVP and let us know if and when you're coming that would be great!! e-mail us at

If you have work gloves, wear em! We'll have dust masks, hand wipes, and tools on hand.
Interested in learning more about the Wedding Cake House project? You can find that info HERE
or --- follow our blog about work on the house HERE
or follow us on instagram @weddingcakehouse_renovations


"You can ride a horse
Some horses don't want to be ridden
Some horses don't want to be ridden sometimes"

Born in Portland, Oregon and living and working in Providence, Rhode Island for the past 7 years, I am often reenacting the longing for and migration towards The mythic West. Using textiles and detailed pencil drawings, the window collages together imagery of a glamorized western ideal and aims to create an ungrounded atmosphere of compartmentalization and control.
Find more of my work at:


Vanessa Gilbert is
 a creative producer, interdisciplinary artist, and educator from Providence, RI who works with humans, objects, and digital media. She makes, produces, and directs performance works of varying scales, from miniature puppet theatre to multi-day performance festivals and opera. In 17 years with Perishable Theatre, Vanessa honed her curating skills founding both Blood from a Turnip-RI’s only late night puppet salon- and the Resident Artist at Perishable Theatre program. She has developed and taught classes in theatre history, theatre for social change, directing and producing for learners of all ages. Vanessa is a proud member of the Magdalena Project, an international network for women in contemporary theatre and she instigated Magdalena USA, a seven-day festival of workshops and performances with artists from around the world. Her work has been featured at Perishable Theatre, the HERE Arts Center, The Castle of Imagination Festival (Ustka and Gdansk, Poland,) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, among others. She received her MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts from Brooklyn College in May 2015.

Rectrix - Pro Arts Gallery - Oakland , CA 3/24/18
Watch the Video

RECTRIX just got back from touring the west coast with House Red and is performing at the Ende Tymes festival this weekend
in Brooklyn at Silent Barn

And with HIDE, Gyna Bootleg, and YU/F at Psychic Readings 4/11/2018

I’ve been actively trying to break this curse that was put on me in 2014, when I was traveling and reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Regrettably, it was the only book I brought with me, and I blazed through it, until I reached the final chapter, which I decided to save for my flight home. Big mistake. In case you haven’t read it, the “curse” is a major theme in the book. I got food poisoning and slept for the entire 24 hour flight. I haven’t been able to complete a book since then. I think I need that exact copy back, MJR!!!! 

Besides my literacy struggle, I’ve been diving deep into self-exploration—experimenting with sewing, painting, and performance. For Maren’s show opening in February (also Lunar New Year!), I did a performance piece titled, "frontiers of love," about a buncha things: most importantly, my place within the Diaspora and proximity to whiteness. Made a piƱata for Pisces season (see above). And in March was included in the Sweater Show at Trade Pop Up with a painted “sweater." 

This summer is the stage for my up-and-coming collaborative projects, yet to be announced in detail ;). Sometimes a rando airdrops you a Beesechurger and you must accept! (This actually happened to me...)

Daniella has been painting.
Also recently played a show with an optical tremolo and two guitars (Thank you for footage):
Watch the Video
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*****ADDITIONALLY****, she is subletting her downstairs studio! 6x8 foot workspace expandable to 8x8 with access to larger common space for bigger projects. Storage space, wood shop, potential access to printmaking facilities. 125$ a month for a 3-4 month lease (flexible here). E-mail for more info!

Maren makes a bittersweet departure this month-- "feeling filled up by a year at DP and grateful for the time and space allowed to heal grow learn etc etc etc." She's heading to the gold country region of California to get closer to home and try something different. 
You can buy some of her older drawings, t-shirts, furniture, clothing, tchotchkes, art supplies, etc at a Yard Sale of sorts at Dirt Palace, Sunday, April 8th from 3pm-6pm. Bring your $
Maren currently has artwork installed in the Dirt Palace Window, learn more above :) 

If you will miss her too much you can follow on IG @puddlleofmud (two L's there) or come visit me in CA.

I'm on tour for the month of April with Japanese Breakfast which is boring news beyond that i'm writing a new book, working on a video to project during performances so people can stop looking at me, loosely planning a tour of my own. Cheez its and red bull for breakfast. Someone teach me drums 203-615-1795

Also my book 'A Stick With A Rock On It' is now stocked at Ada books, please go buy it there's a poster included
Waiting for something to live on the branches aside from the plastic bags. Seriously, when the flowers pop, going to spend a whole day smelling them. Please dear sky, give us a spring day! 


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