Tuesday, October 20, 2009


sometimes I wish I belived in god
then these magnificant demon creations would be real to me.

Which is you favorite?

mine is Caym

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sarah Bearse installing 10/10 with opening at 3pm

Sarah Bearse is an installation artist currently straddling the Providence/Boston divide. She is interested in creating pieces that facilitate an experiential engagement with art. Her current focus is exploring the multi-layered border between private and public identity (through images, text, speech, data, etc.) and the movement of this information into the cultural framework.

Her installment in the Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery asks you to adventure into the realm of self-portraits. Passersby will be encouraged to take their own photos at the push of a button and have their image displayed on a projector in the window. You will also be able to contribute self portraits through a website.

With the proliferation of the self-portrait in recent years due in part to the invention of social networking sites, she has chosen to ground this piece in the self-portrait to examine modern modes of reproduction and distribution of image.

On view Oct 10th-Nov 6th.

Opening Oct 10th from 3pm-5pm with hot apple cider.

September Window

Aylyn Carlson:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

bon voyage k-rock

this week kristina traded in her life on land for a treacherous two month swash-buckling adventure on the high seas ina tiny sailboat!!! when she left it was pretty much exactly like that scene in the little mermaid where that mermaid gets legs except reversed and not about mermaids at all... that and all that remained was this tiny egg in my fridgerator that says "dear mickey, here's my last egg. eat it and know that at sea i will be missing you and the taste of delicious fried egg". thanks, kristina. i will eat your egg and know those things that you said on that egg!
safe travels please!!!!!! every one will miss you! may you catch many fishes and find buried treasure and pillage many villages and slay many kraken WITH YOUR BARE HANDS

Thursday, October 1, 2009

weird shit we have in our library part 3

so anyway me and jacob berendes and james mc shane went to spx this weekend which was totally fun and sort of adorable. me and jabob even stopped by the picturebox table and checked out the new issue of ninja by brian chippendale!photograph by jacob berendes

also, i got lots of weird shit, none of which i am going to blog about because it is as of yet not part of the dirt palace library. but issue #2 of ninja by bro chip totally is, so i'm gonna blog about that!
i dunno what year this was printed or how many copies there are, but anyway whatever! bro chip is our esteemed next door neighbor! his name is actually brian chippendale or something but i call him bro chip behind his back because i'm pretty sure it's a good nickname. despite his being right next door, i only ever see him at the grocery store. which i guess is fine, because everybody likes groceries.
anyway, in case you were unsure, ninja is actually a really phenomenal comic. lots of people have the collected edition picturebox published a few years ago, but less people have copies of the adorable single issues with silkscreened covers (like this issue #2, like i said)!i can't say i could sum up what ninja is about in just a few sentences, but that's ok because my favorite part about comics anyway is pacing and dialogue. so really what i feel like i want to say is that i really like the pacing and dialogue. and duh the pictures. and the story too, but i just can't sum it up you know? partially because i haven't read this comic in like 2 yrs, and i only didn't read it for this post because i figured i should just show the weird shit and not review it, like how i accidentally reviewed deforge's lose #1 when i just meant to show it!!

also bro chip's new book called if n' oof will probably be available thru picturebox sometime in the next future or so. i had a copy of one of the tiny ones but it actually didn't belong to me so i don't have it anymore so since i didn't have a copy to scan i had to draw this picture:
then i was like "duh mickey the internet", and found a real picture of them. BUT i think i came pretty close to reality for drawing from memory. i know the sunglasses and the bowtie aren't for real, who do you think i am?
well so ANYWAY when bro chip isn't drawing tiny manic comics, he's blogging online about his favorite comic book "daredevil", by kevin smith. be sure to subscribe it to your RSS feed reader before you forget how to type!