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Missed out on the first "Heavy Lifting, Gardening & Gin and Tonics" Workday? We'll be doing a 2nd Volunteer Workday at the Wedding Cake House Saturday SUNDAY August 6th (RAIN DATE IN EFFECT). We'll get started at 1:30 pm, and start wrapping up for food and drink around 5pm. If you can RSVP and let us know if and when you're coming that would be amazing!! e-mail us at

If you have work gloves, wear em! We'll have dust masks, hand wipes, and tools on hand.
Interested in learning more about the Wedding Cake House project? You can find that info HERE
or --- follow our blog about work on the house HERE
Dirt Palace is looking for a new Artist in Residence Member October 1st

The Dirt Palace is a self organized collective that supports women artists by providing affordable studio space, facilities, shared resources, opportunities and a culture of cooperation. The Dirt Palace is trans-inclusive, strives to be accountable and to work intersectionally.

Seeking experimental feminist with projects that will make use of our current facilities: Legal live/work space with: screen printing shop, letterpress, animation stand, music rehearsal room, wood shop, large shared space for building bigger projects, and library.

Members are expected to attend weekly meetings, monthly work days, do regular chores, keep the kitchen clean, and take a leadership role over running some aspect of the collective project vaguely falling under the conceptual roof of “The Dirt Palace”. If you are interested, all of this (and more!) will be explained in our epic 20 page document called “the Occupancy and Consciousness Agreement” that we will e-mail you upon request. Residencies at the Dirt Palace average about 24 months. We are looking for a commitment of at least a year minimum.

Rent and expenses end up breaking down to about $450 - $470/month:
Rent - $295/month
Heat - $60/month (paid all year round)
Electric - $57 - $69/month (varies)
Internet - $13/month
Sundries - $10/month (TP, dishsoap,etc)
Netflix - $5-$6/ month (optional)
Parking is included.
We have one cat (baby) and can not take any other cats at this time.

If you would like to learn more contact us at dirtpalace @ yahoo dot com


$350 for very nice lofted bedroom, access to shared work spaces including bandroom, print shop, and more! 

One beautiful cat, 6 roommates, afternoon light.

email for more details (:-)


Meg Powers is a professional costume designer and inter-disciplinary artist with an emphasis on filmmaking, puppetry, doll-making, and comics art. Her work typically examines the intersection of lesbian desire with the gothic, fantastical, and grotesque. Recent works of note include: animated visuals for sci-fi / Bowie-centric, gay dance party series, HUNGER CITY, (for which Powers also organizes and dj's), puppet and costume design for the debut performance of Steven Glavey's WOLVES, and direction, design, and performance credits for the short film, The Diabolical Doctor Vysarius, which aired on Flux Factory's STROBE Network. Powers also edits and illustrates a mature sci-fi /fantasy arts anthology magazine, WARLOCK WASTELAND, and is currently hard at work on its second issue.

MATER LACHRYMARUM, MATER SUSPIRIORUM, MATER TENEBRARUM is a meditation on the artist's assumption of a cosmic disappointment in humanity as embodied through the archetypal feminine trio: the fates, the witches Macbeth, and especially, the Three Mothers of Sorrow originating in Thomas de Quincey's essay, "Levana and Our Ladies of Sorrow," and channeled aesthetically through the lurid and kaleioscopic influence of Dario Argento's adaptation of de Quincey's feminine grotesque in his Three Mothers trilogy.

"Do they talk, then? O, no! mighty phantoms like these disdain the infirmities of language. They may utter voices through the organs of man when they dwell in human hearts, but amongst themselves there is no voice nor sound; eternal silence reigns in their kingdoms. They spoke not...they whispered not; they sang not; though oftentimes methought they might have sung, for I upon earth had heard their mysteries oftentimes deciphered by harp and timbrel, by dulcimer and organ. Like God, whose servants they are, they utter their pleasure, not by sounds that perish, or by words that go astray, but by signs in heaven, by changes on earth, by pulses in secret rivers, heraldries painted on darkness, and hieroglyphics written on the tablets of the brain. They wheeled in mazes; I spelled the steps. They telegraphed from afar; I read the signals. They conspired together; and on the mirrors of darkness my eye traced the plots. Theirs were the symbols; mine are the words."- Thomas de Quincey, "Levana and Our Ladies of Sorrow" v=-2dkM3CPb7o
http://eyeballjellomold. megpowersartdolls/


Caroline Rae Robinson is an artist and printmaker from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2016 with a degree in Printmaking. Her work focuses on transcending bodily and neurotypical hegemony, and fabricating alternative realities as a mechanism of coping. Wading through a quiet chaos of self-evaluation and doubt, she examines how feminized concepts of psychological and neurological health influence how we define agency and how we assign empathy.


Megan is the new resident at DP!

They just got back from a trip to the west coast where they were tabling at Tijuana Zine Festand did a collaborative reading at Junior High in LA with their friend Noah (cuddle formation) who made beautiful bleeps and bloops behind their poems. They are now on the road selling merch for Japanese Breakfast on their tour with Tegan & Sara. They have a poetry chapbook coming out with publishing house TXTbooks that'll be out sometime later this summer called A Stick With A Rock On It. They are a true leo and their birthday is August 7th please don't forget to find them and say HBD.

If you want to keep up with their writing / find out info on the new chapbook you can sign up for their newsletter at or follow them on insta/twitter / @mgnmnwtz
Maren had some new drawings and a painting up at SBF 3 at Penny Gaffe along with Roby Newton, Chrissy Jones, Crystal, Tess Brown-Lavoie and Kartina Richardson.  More on her website:
Milkmaid ii plays the Downtown Boys/What Cheer record release on August 11


Made 50 different fabric collage posters for Ballroom Marfa's Maria Minerva event and is writing more music.

SICK ROAD - the 2011, Worms in Women and Cattle full length album, along with some live tracks, will be released on ANNIHILVS on August 11th
Pre-orders can be made HERE 



Holding onto the rails during these lion days of summer


Alison is Enjoying RI in the summertime :)