Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dirt Palace Facade gets RISCA Funding!

I'm working on a new stone mosaic facade for the Dirt Palace and just got partial funding from
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts!!

If you want to get to see a part of the facade before it gets installed in fall 2012
a portion will be exhibited at the Winton Bell Gallery this fall.
Here are some process pics! More to come!
This portion here is a little under 1/4 of the entire facade.
Next week I'll post pictures once I start the jeweled serpent!

Here's the rough drawingOne 1ft X 2.5 ft pane
laying out the panels on the floor!

Friday, July 15, 2011

SLIME live!

SLIME @ machines with magnets 7/11/14

(Diana Joy and Brian Gibson)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spellcasting Misshaps Vol. 1 (How i became a sandwich) from xander marro on Vimeo.

Project for Summer (and some fall!) 2011

Cursed New England:

New England: Ingenuity and immigrants and the roar of the Atlantic!

New England: Clapboard and stone walls fencing in rocky soil and hardened hearts!

New England: Paste gemstones and one time wealth!

But olde new england dirt, you were born for revolutions!

Lovecraft! Reich! Oh Witches of Salem! Oh live free or die! Oh Yankees of the Swamps! Shakers! Nearings! Oh stiff lips & corruption & cold!

In an odyssey that begins along the banks of the Woonasquatucket River, I set out to find what New England has to offer in the way of joyful spells and rituals performed for the creation of a new consciousness! In this effort I join forces with a musician (or band of musicians) from each New England state. From their songs I seek visions to build into new worlds made out of paper and glue, pixels and frames. Specifically, the plan is to build sets and dioramas, make cut paper animations, costumes and panoramas that will be used in the production of five fantastical musical videos. The “stuff” of these videos (sets, dioramas, costumes, drawings etc.) will be on display at Space Gallery in Portland, ME throughout the month of October.

Heavily curious about New England's past practice of harboring feminist spiritualists, witches, revolutionaries, and radical souls. I believe that there is, now more than ever, a place for music, rituals of the night, and local idiosyncratic customs in personal and collective transformation. For now is the time to remember the magic inherent in being made of flesh and bones and synapse and song!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Still on epic adventure of uploading olde movies...think i have to purge and get the old ones all up before i can start new ones!

The Pattern of Ritual from xander marro on Vimeo.