Wednesday, March 26, 2014



Dirt Palace Performs
at Harvard

with A.L. Steiner, Bulk Purchases, Malik Gaines/My Barbarian
and A.J. Murphy,  
Friday, March 28
7 pm 
Sert Gallery
Co-sponsored by the Harvard College Women's CenterWomen, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; and the the Provostial Fund Committee for the Arts and Humanities at Harvard University.
The Living as Form exhibit will be open for viewing through April 6th.
Check out this photo of some of us at the opening!


The Palace of Dirt requests thy presence at...
A Fundraiser for projects of Ye Olde Dirt Palace!
(like the traditional DP brunch, only this time it's a dinner! ...nay, a FEAST!)
On the 11th of April, in the year 2014
from 7:00 until 11:00 pm
$10 - 20 suggested donation
Regal Attire Encouraged! 
Feasting! Merriment! Debauchery! Candles! Guest DJs! Guest Chefs! 
Let us greet the coming springtime with good cheer! A festive and joyous occasion for all! 


Tatyana Yanishevsky strives to knit every day. She is smitten with fibers and texture, particularly mohair, silk, wool, and lace patterning
She is currently preoccupied with 'things that hang'  and expressing weight and heaviness with a light material such as yarn. She delights in the tension that occurs when a knitted object tapers to a very thin point. Her objects, created by accumulated stitches, accumulate themselves, forming and exploring relationships through repetition, iteration, and collections.


Geoff Mullen was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1979, where he lives and works today. Primarily working within the discipline of music, his recent projects have included site-specific installation, sculpture, photography, collage, educational workshops, and performance. As a solo artist, Geoff has performed work throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe, in venues ranging from concert halls, clubs, museums, galleries, basements, schools, streets, and city gardens. His solo music has been released on most available audio media, and he is the founder of Rare Youth, an independent record label dedicated to the support of local (RI) experimental music. Geoff is currently pursuing an MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School of Arts at Bard College.

The Dirt Palace was also pleased to have artist Coral Short stay for a short artist residency at the Palace during February. You can read her blog about ithere. 

Muffy just got back from SXSW Renegade Craft Fair and though shell shocked by the cold start to spring she is glad to be home.
She was assigned to share a booth with an incredible artist who dyes and etches eggs using the traditional Ukranian techniques, she was awesome.  Muffy had great company and learned more than she ever thought she would about properties of emu and goose eggs.
She is very excited to have started a line of jewelry, long in the works.  
Her first piece is a classic Halloween Witch Finger made into a pendant, available in bronze or silver.  It is perfect for casting and conjuring for an occasion or the everyday.
Check the Witch Fingers out in the new jewelry section of her website where she has original pieces and vintage kitsch charms. 
She is so grateful to Jieun and Liz Novak for their sharing of jewelry making and casting knowledge, thanks guys for your generosity, and encouragement.
Check out their shops

Jieun has just been moving along the Life Line. Hoping and dreaming for more warmth: Is it too late for March to be out like a lamb?
Here's a poster she drew/printed recently for the last Magic Lantern screening. 

Here are a few new night-themed jewels up in the shop. Check em
Use coupon code SPRINGWITCH for 10% off before April 1st! 
Thea Ulrich really wants it to warm up and actually be spring but has been largely disappointed. For this she has been hiding away from the outdoors and working on some new video pieces. Here's a still:

She also just completed a series of portraits of fellows at Harvard Law School - the full series to come soon on her website - but here is a sneak peek of 3 of them!
Thea has also started her first-ever blog; a simple and unnarrated documentation of drawings of faces and figures...though she is already a little behind on updating it...CHECK IT out:


Angela spent the late winter making art happen in the Providence Community Library - in February, she planned and hosted a comics workshop for teens and adults led by the excellent folks from the Providence Comics Consortium. In early March, she hosted a (surprisingly successful) adult book diorama contest, replete with excellent snacks and charming book-lovers. The event was planned in collaboration with some excellent librarians and with Matthew Lawrence of Not About the Buildings (and host of the Providence adult spelling bee). This flattering article about the diorama contest notes that Providence librarians "have your book nerd game in serious check." Awesome. The dioramas are up in the gallery at Craftland until early April, if you want to check them out.
When she's not at the library, Angela's been crocheting modular lumpy things and mass-producing paper flowers.

Alison has some projects in the works, but more about that in next month's digest! Here's a hint for now... 
And here is a picture Al took of Grave Digger winning Monster Jam last month. 

Xander just returned from Senegal where she played vicious games of wari with merchant friends in the street. Here are some photographs that she took of animals that she saw, she's not sure of why all of them are wearing t-shirts...but one thing is sure, the goats do really love to eat everything.
Here's an updated re-make of the movie that she made where she takes one frame of every object in the Dirt Palace. This version is called "I blame society". 

Now that Xander's back you can once again order copies of Witch Fingers ( from the Dirt Palace Etsy..(hurry up and get one before they're gone, the Maroon covers are already sold out)


RECTRIX will be performing at The Overnight Bach Marathon April 4th/5th at Manning Chapel, Brown University 7pm - 7am 
andApril 25th 26th at April Dinner Theater

Pippi prophesizes the future for Coral Short. There are many Mothers of the Dirt Palace, this is just one.


This month's hi-lite is a sweet thick zine by our friend Ryan R. It's like well over 50 pages and held together with one brass tack. A good antidote to endless winter. Somebody please stop me from getting a crab-soda skeleton guy tattoo