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 known casually as Coco
INTERN LAUREN GLADING WHO WAS WITH US FOR 6 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This February's window artist is Priscilla Carrion

The scene in the window was of a small ladymade body of water containing a weird duck tribe in the middle of 
their migration. They got a little lost and flustered, and like a deer in the headlights, just stopped. That was February 3rd 2013. Then they got blizzarded in. These birds were headed south for the winter, but started offlate in the season and don't fly. Everything's a little off these days around them, and they’re just trying to adapt to it. Summer stayed longer. Winter was late. They intuitively know that, so they’re trying to keep cool and calm, and just make it work. No one was left behind. One casualty. Death unknown.

This species of bird were vulnerable due to its small population. Through evolution they have adapted to swimming, floating on the waters surface (as shown here) and eating weeds and waste. The habitat they 
found to survive in is the sewer system. Evolving underground  where they lacked predators, these species lost all anti-predator behaviors, as well as the ability to fly. Their original species is unknown. Something duck. Migrating underground is their first option always, but when they took a wrong turn they accidentally came up above the surface. February 28th they finally figured out which direction to head and quietly snuck back underground.

I like using old things to make other things, especially in sewing. I think a lot about traditional craftsmanship
and the textile industry, which has made me that much more interested in slow process design work and handmade textiles. I wanted to make something for the window with materials I already had. These ducks and scene were made using fabric scraps, mostly t-shirt jersey fabric collected (hoarded) over a few years, and mostly old dyes and a little paint.
March window artist will be.....
Rhode Island native
Lives and works in Olneyville


Drawing from the Multiple, a print exhibit
curated by Johnny Adimando
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 28th   5:30pm to 7:00pm 
Swirling Boars, screen print collage by Pippi Zornoza 

Exhibiting Artists:
Courtney Sennish, Jessica Murray, Chase Taylor, Suruchi Kabra, Pippi Zornoza
Augustina Bello Decurnex, Simonette Quamina 

Traditions maintain validity by avoiding the progression into routine.  Never is this more true than in discussion of printmaking in a contemporary context.  Common discourse of the fine art print most often displaces focus onto the marginalia; clean borders, even wiping, depth of etch, etc.  In classic fashion, prints are derived using a fixed-matrix to generate identical copies of the preset image.  The artists featured in this exhibition utilize and then manipulate various printmaking processes, both analog and digital.  In this context, techniques serve as starting points from which a multiple is established; then altered, recombined, and transformed to create one-of-a-kind works.  The works included thwart the aforementioned "routine" by seeing the print as a living document; a moveable artifact.  Each work invigorates the notion that the artwork does not stop once the ink passes from
or through a set of matrices.  The grouping outlines a view that the traditions of printmaking have not seen the end of their evolution, and are still wrought with potential and the possibility of extension in a myriad of exciting directions.

curator's statement, Johnny Adimando

Panel Discussion: Date to be Announced
Exhibit runs from February 28th to April 5th


Uretsky's got boys on the brain! Jamie's doing extensive dude research for her next performance series titled, Bromance. More to come!
Jamie has some sculptures in a group exhibition in Lowell, Massachusetts. 

You're invited to the opening on Saturday March 2, 5-8 pm (there will be booze!). Here is the facebook page


 Olivia contributed a print to the portfolio accompanying the new album/multimedia project Night vision by Elliott Harvey of A Stick and A Stone. The portfolio also includes prints by Katrina Silander Clark, Erik Ruin, Annie Mok, Justin Duerr and others. In Elliott's words-

"Night Vision is a conceptual multimedia collaboration interweaving music, visual art, and performance to explore the polarities between the visible and invisible, the natural and the supernatural; internal experience of gender, senses of heightened awareness, and encounters with spirits of the unseen world. The music of Night Vision isthe upcoming album by A Stick and A Stone, which entwines creepy banjo, electric bass, fluttering harp, heavy percussion, and soaring vocal harmonies with lyrics alluding to cosmos, ghosts, inner gender,and apocalypse.Each song of Night Vision will be brought to light through corresponding pieces of performance and visual art. Accompanying the songs that invoked them, these will demonstrate how music, though invisible, can conjure images and movements in our bodies and minds."
You can find out more about the project here-

Also, Olivia will be joining Mimi Chrzanowski, Day-Day Williams, and Cathy G Johnson at Chicago Alternative
Comix Expo, June 15th n 16th! Sweeeeet
See yuh


Muffy vended her hand printed clothes in Boston at dance night Don't Ask Don't Tell.  It was a lot of fun and run by great folks, if you are looking for a good time check out their next event:
She spent valentines performing comedy at the Black Box/Psychic Readings at AS220 alongside Reba, Maralie, Mickey, and PAK. 
She sang with Rotten Apples at PR Matrix Hex on Feb 16th.  Rotten Apples is thrilled to have a new member, Nick Williams of Cave Bears.  Nick set us up with an bandcamp where you can listen to our first album, or buy it!
On Feb 23rd Muffy performed with Bone Rattle in Boston as part of Lucy Watson's ongoing series "Peformer's Only."  This incarnation was Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth , Bone Rattle, DJ Colby Drasher  of DADT, with live video projection by LSDV
It was a great time!
Check out Lucy's prolific you tube dense with original work and an impressive archive of performance documentation:
On Feb 26th Bone Rattle had a record release show for the LP of Toxcatl Calling/Central Intelligence Agency Sex Slave #9 Featuring Ryan Riehle, Travis Fuller, Keith Waters, Megan Lark, Cybele Collins, and Muffy.
Available soon from Anonymous Dog, or email
On March 16th Muffy will be performing a comedy duo with the incomparable @mandysezz, unlike her solo act it will actually be funny!
Her Etsy store is dense with new items for adults and kids
Check out the huge sale section:
Use coupon codes FREESHIPPING or HEART2HEART at checkout to get free shipping or 10% off your total, including sale items!

She was sent the most fabulous fan pic from Carla Morales and Sam the Pharoh! 


Jieun has been evaporating, precipitating, and melting in the form of snow this month. She has engaged in at least three major blizzards and one avalanche. A good chunk of time was devoted to just evolving in various nimbostratus clouds. Major hope: to hang out with hydrocarbons on Saturn's moon Titan sometime soon. We can probably expect her return to the human life-form sometime mid-March, but we all know it's no easy feat to escape the Hydrologic Cycle...


Was trapped under a snow pile. Ate too much soup and chocolate. Also caught up with 100 hours of Stephen King audio books. And began experimenting with "mass" production of hand puppets that are likely too weird for any "mass" of people to ever want. They are on display at F.L.A. Gallery as part of a show called Dirty Fingers curated by Cinders Projects that features a long and somewhat mind blowing list of
print magicians all still making things with their living human hands. Here's where you can check out the online previews of prints: 


Lurking, working, twerking, and slurping on new things for 2 zine/comic fests in the not-to-distant future. In May going to be at Zine Feast (link: in Purchase, New York and in June going to be at
Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (link:! Follow for most recent art updates and for the new "gif-daze" feature AKA new gif posted every Thursday or Friday.