Saturday, December 29, 2012

Only 2 more days to vote for the Dirt Palace Facade in the Ovation Viewer's Choice award!

The link to vote is  HERE! .
To get to the voting you must first "like" Ovation at this link through Facebook.  There are 64 finalists, so scroll through until you see THE DIRT PALACE FACADE and click on the vote tab underneath.  You can vote as many times as you like as long as you refresh your browser.  I've found that people have problems with the link on their mobile device. Another way to vote would be to go on and once there click on InnOVATION Grant.  You first have to "like" Ovation TV. _________________________________________________________________________________
The Dirt Palace Facade Project in partnership with Rhode Island Citizens for the Arts and Olneyville Housing Corporation has been nominated by the InnOVATION Program (A collaboration of the OVATION television network and Americans for the arts) to win the $15,000 the Viewer's Choice Award! There are 64 nominations from all over the country, and the one with the most votes will win.  The Dirt Palace Facade Project is a public art piece conceived by local artist and Dirt Palace co-founder Pippi Zornoza.  This expansive 14 ft by 40 ft stone pebble and glass tile mosaic is to be installed in the Olneyville neighborhood in Providence RI in 2013.
If you're interested in learning more about the project visit the artist Pippi Zornoza's website HERE

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Meet me at the (L)ICE TROLL hole!

Gathering the courage for 2013!



The Dirt Palace is honored and excited to have been awarded the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Seed Grant!!!
The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation has identified 20 ground- breaking small arts organizations to receive grant awards in 5 key geographies: Atlanta, Detroit, New Orleans, Portland and Providence. The  Foundation asked for nominations from local cultural leaders such as Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, MCA Detroit, Ashe Cultural Center, Arts Council of New Orleans, Regional Arts & Culture Council of Portland, AS220 and the RRF Board members. Other Providence Art Organizations to receive the  Seed Grant are  RK PROJECTS,Magic Lantern Cinema, & The Avenue Concept. This is a great opportunity and we are excited for the possibilities that it represents!

For more information about the grant or the foundation please
Or follow them on: Facebook Tumblr Pinterest


November window artist: Gyna Bootleg

"I Am It and It Is Me (the dirt beneath my nails)"

"a mixed media realization of a dream state brought on
by mania meant to be interpreted by the third eye.
the result of looking at the reflection in the back of a



We invite you, our friends, to 2 low-key open studio dates to peruse our flat files and buy prints, posters, hand silkscreened leggings/crop tops/onesies, patches, zines, comics, and postcards.

Saturday, December 8, 2-7pm
Saturday, December 22, 2-7pm

call/txt Xander to enter: 401.654.7218



Speaking of finding more lovely handmade gifts, we are collaborating together on releasing a year-long subscription silkscreened tea towel set! The details are below, and you can buy it HERE at our Dirt Palace Etsy shop.

Each of the 7 artists of the Dirt Palace is designing and silk screening a kitchen tea towel.

When you purchase this listing you will get 7 kitchen tea towels. The first will be sent out mid- December in time for the Holidays, and the next 6 will be sent out, one every other month for all of 2013!

Each tea towel is printed with professional fabric silk screen.

We chose 100% Cotton flour sack towels, 19"x23" with serged edges.

We are using a shared palate so the set of towels compliments each other, while reflecting our own styles and designs.

The first one is in the works, designed by artist Pippi Zornoza.
She is inspired by traditional red on white embroidery, called red work.
Pippi is finishing up the design on an intricate drawing printed in rich red fabric silk screen ink.



Pippi Zornoza's Dirt Palace Facade was nominated by the OVATION television network and Americans for the Arts to win a $15,000 Viewers Choice Award. There are 64 nominations and the project with the most votes by December 31st will win.

You can vote as many times as you like.

Help Pippi win this award by voting HERE AND reposting on your facebook page!!!!!

You first have to "like" Ovation. Then scroll through the nominations till you see Dirt Palace Facade!

Vote often! This link doesn't work on mobile devices.

No really, help Pippi by reposting about the award! Voting time is running out!!!! Help make this project a reality!!
For more information, visit

In other news, the now defunct Worms in Women and Cattle has just finished up their final full length recording.

Listen to it on Soundcloud



Muffy has been dyeing and printing her brains out.

She has made lots of new leggings and tops, and is excited to have kids
leggings too!

You can find her work online at
Enter coupon code DIRTPALACE for free US shipping.
There are excellent holographic gift wrap options for FREE!

She's thrilled to be a part of Craftland in Downtown Providence this
holiday season.

She is vending at 2 awesome holiday sales this month.

Come support New Urban Arts on December 15 at Cardboard Pancakes annual
holiday sale!

And on December 16th she will be in the Boston Bazaar Bizare at the
cyclorama from 11am-6pm.  She's employing the charms of Jieun Reiner and JR
Uretsky, hoping to obliterate school debt!  Muffy was the featured
interview on the BBB website:

While printing Muffy has listened to lots of Radio Lab, Arnold
Schwarzenegger's autobiography Total Recall, Joan Rivers I Hate
Everyone starting with Me, Sarah Silverman's The Bedwetter, Tina Fey
Bossypants, Greg Allman My Cross to Bear and so much NPR.

This will explain her oddity when you see her in public.

The holidays can be rough, best wishes to everyone to stay head above water.



Olivia has been dealing with winter by dressing in all sequins and hiding, troll-like, in the shadowiest corners of their room.

You may be able to catch a rare glimpse of them by leaving a carton of seasonal mint-chocolate non-dairy milk by your doorstep on a moonless night.
Also they will be tabling at winter time studio sale Cardboard Pancakes at New Urban Arts (705 Westminster,) 11am-4pm on both Saturday December 15th & Sunday December 16th, as well as at the DP open studios.

Wishing y'all well in this cataclysmic or transformative or maybe uneventful month!!!!!



Jieun has been carving wax, going to the library, gearing up for winter. Much in progress!

Here is a belated picture of her halloween costume (volcano)

and a current one of her mineral collection.

Think of them as a diptych: "Being Cool/Fun in the Night, Pts. 1 and 2"



J.R. Uretsky is fighting seasonal depression the Over-Worked-Negligent-Parent-Way!

But who cares if your hair is falling out and your poop has a milky consistency?WHO CARES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING FUN?!

Speaking of fun:

J.R.'s insanely adorable students are the Dirt Palace window artists this month ...

Also, This Tuesday December 4th J.R. is performing The Book of Rachael from her Women I've Known, Biblically series at Empire Black Box. 8 pm @ 95 Empire, PVD. She is excited to be performing with Chris Fritton and Ric Royer who also seem to have some religious baggage.

Finally, J.R. Uretsky is pleased to announce that she is the current artist/ blogger in residence at Big Red & Shiny's blogazine, Our Daily Red a venue for a dynamic and direct conversation about art and artist. J.R. is December's artist in residence on Big Red & Shiny's blog series, Inside Out.

Check it out here!



Xander was 100% nose to the grindstone on freelance projects for the month of November, but luckily these projects involved bikes, glitter, and fantasy hockey, so actually they were 100% fun!! (Dream come true jobs!!) Check out this videoabout Recycle-A-Bike (awesome community biking not for profit!)



Feeling trapt in a "knees to chest" pose and maintaing a constant lock jaw shiver by fucking Father Winter makes it hard to draw, but DON'T WORRY, it's only going to get worse because she is flying back to her homeland (Wisconsin and Chicago) for 2.5 weeks later this month where it's even cooo000000oooolder! 

She will also be selling zines, prints, patches, and 2013 calendars at Cardboard Pancakes at New Urban Arts (705 Westminster) from 11am-4pm on both Saturday, December 15th & Sunday, December 16th, as well as at the DP open studios!




This comic book, Diva Grafix and Stories was published by Starhead Comix in 1993, and I found comics by people I already knew and loved AND TOTALLY NEW (to me) artists to add to the love list. Always a great feeling!

The above is an excerpt from a comic by Fiona Smyth. It reminded me of dense ink work like the one-and-only Julie Doucet!

The above is a spread by Dame Darcy!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is it corn? Is it candy? Or is it CaNdYcOrN?


This month we are focusing on purity. In our thoughts, etc.

Think of it like a COOL Catholic nunnery.
Hey Folks, we can all agree that popularity contests are lame


The Dirt Palace Facade Project in partnership with Rhode Island Citizens for the Arts and Olneyville Housing Corporation has been nominated by the InnOVATION Program (A collaboration of the OVATION television network and Americans for the arts) to win the $15,000 the Viewer's Choice Award!!!!!! There are 64 nominations from all over the country and the one with the most votes will win.

VOTE HERE!!! to support the Dirt Palace Facade Project.

To get to the voting you must first "like" Ovation at this link through Facebook.  There are 64 finalists, so scroll through until you see THE DIRT PALACE FACADE and click on the vote tab underneath this photo

To learn more about the project click here

It would be so amazing to win this award!!! This could solidify the final funding needed to complete the project and prevent hitting you up with a Kickstarter campaign in the future!!

Thank you for voting!!!!!


August - Kimi Rich

Kimi Rich is a self taught multimedia artist from Newport R.I. Taking inspiration from her bizarre travels and odd day dreams, most of her work focuses on the darker nature of reality with a hint of magic

September - Joseph Skorupa & Melody Tuttle from the 'Owls to Athens' artists collective

The September 2012 Dirt Palace Window installation was designed & installed by Joseph Skorupa & Melody Tuttle from the 'Owls to Athens' artists collective. The design is inspired by the artwork of John Bauer, a Swedish illustrator (1882-1918), known for his ethereal pieces depicting various culture's mythological creatures. The installation is a direct reference to the piece 'Tyr and Fenrir' (Bauer 1911) in which the Norse god Tyr, known for his honesty & courage, sacrifices his hand to a monstrous wolf (Fenrir). Tyr's act of bravery allowed the remaining Norse gods to bind the wolf until the end of days, essentially creating a way for life to continue.

The installation works off this same idea, with variations and detailing to have it represent the city of Providence in it's aesthetic, as well as re-envisioning the tale to act as a metaphor for artistic sacrifice. The artist figure (by Melody Tuttle) became female to show respects to The Dirt Palace and it's strong artistic/cultural influence on the city. The Wolf (by Joseph Skorupa) became scaled down yet remains vicious, as the various things we may sacrifice are often difficult but rarely our end of days. The dreamcatcher (by Emma Boyd) acts as a full Moon, the time when 'magic' is most potent - this stands for an artists' passion and drive.

Melody Tuttle is a 2011 graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, currently working and residing in Providence. Her current body of work investigates relationships of medium, composition and space, focusing on themes of transposition and portraiture.

Joseph Skorupa is a 2005 graduate of The University of Rhode Island and is the founder of the Owls to Athens artist collective & design group. His current body of work includes curatorial endeavors, landscape architecture & Fine arts/design - with a focus on illustration/typography, stencil work and mural painting.



Xander is working a new performance piece with Ric Royer (and with the sounds of G Lucas Crane and some cameos by Richard Goulis). It is titled "The Fête of Mistakes; The 2012th annual Sublimated Sideshow of Everyday Brutality and Sweets". Quick plot synopsis = Two entertainers in the annual agricultural festival, The Fête of Mistakes, decide they no longer want to exhibit themselves for a living, so they go into the Zeppole business together, which they hope ultimately leads them to Vegas. SOMETHING TERRIBLE THEN HAPPENS. It takes place October 27th and 28th at 8pm, Empire Black Box, 95 Empire St, $5.

Also check out this new video with old footage compiled to the noises Vvltvre. TRICK OR TREAT!!


Muffy has been screen printing tops and leggings for the upcoming holiday season and listing new colors and designs on her Etsy

She took a break from printing clothes to screen print the poster for the upcoming Magic Lantern Cinema film screenings "Terror and the Inhuman."  Screening at the Cable Car on October 26th at 9pm.

She's been nagging everyone at the DP to give her things they have made to post on the Dirt Palace Etsy.  Check out new items from Michelle and Halloweenie treats from

Stay tuned, Muffy is coordinating a special surprise item made by everyone at the DP in time for the holidays.

K bye


Olivia is currently destroying their drawing arm, one (massive pumpkin} at a time.


Jieun Reiner fortune cookie of the month sez: October is the best and most lucky month of the year, so let's all be psyched about it.

Jieun is psyched for a bunch o' things, including October, two BRAND NEW babe prairie dogs*, sharp air, new projects, warm stuff, etc.

She is currently taking a wax casting jewelry class (with the highly esteemed Muffy Brandt) and is hoping to have something up and running this time next month. Look forward to it!

Photo of recent piece exhibited last month at Soho20.
Object Derived From Dreaming No. 1 (Snake Books) -- hopefully, objects 2 - 20 to come "soon" ...

*Names still tentatively undecided, open to suggestions. Poll: Should they be named after the first spiders in space? Send opinions and ideas to dearjieun at gmail dot com.


Hey woh! September almost turned J.R. Uretsky into an anxiety - constipated Oreo Sandwich.

Quick Recap:
Lady Cub played their first show!

The DP performed at Soho 20!

When J.R. Uretsky isn't carving pumpkins, or paying her rent late, or doing everything stated in the following song to her roommates: . . . She's been performing her Women I've Known, Biblically series at Rabbit Hole Studio in NYC.
 Check out the video of Uretsky's performance HERE!

With raving reviews like, "woh, you're a real weirdo," or silence Uretsky plans to ride these performances into a full blown mental breakdown!

She has upcoming performances in Connecticut and maybe right here in Providence. Who knows?!


Michelle, formerly full of explosive physical energy, has recently shriveled into a shadow of her previous vitality.

The reason for this being the 8+ hours daily she's been spending at her desk drawing and photoshopping new things into existence (Sci-Fi Fruit Punx calendar! BabyTown NewsLetter zine #1! Fantasy Party silkscreen!) for the Brooklyn Comics and Graphic Arts Festival next month.

The other reason being the oncoming cold months result in sloth like movement, both night and day, only interrupted with crying, screaming, and sleeping under all the blankets with all the clothes on.



This one comes from a book called "Carpenter Gothic: 19th Century Ornamented Houses of New England."
The above house is called "The Wedding Cake House." Pretty sweet!

In an effort to share our cool stuff and acquire more cool stuff we would like to throw out this request!

If you send us something rockin' we'll send you a thank you note and feature your creation or find in our newsletter.

The Dirt Palace
14 Olneyville Square
Providence, RI 02909

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hi All in we do these fancy newsletters with lots of info and pictures and it finally occurred to us that maybe this is the same sort of stuff that our blog readers who aren't on our e-mail list might want to read...ALL TRUTH! NO LIES!!! and love love love!!
Believe what you want.


Welcome back 2 school ya foolz!


At the end of August we gathered together to break bread and drink wine for our yearly Dirt Palace Summit. The biggest change that is coming is implentation of an OVERLORD system where each member of the collective undertakes visualization and planning for making different parts of our space better, faster, stronger. Divisions include Printshop Overlord, Woodshop Overlord, Capitalism Overlord, Library Overlord, Internet Take-Over Overlord, Public Overlord, Window Overlord, and General Beauty Overlord.

Sounds naaaasty if you ask me!


Also at the end of August we had Franny Choi and Richard E. Bump appear for another installment of Sweltering Shelves.

"Franny Choi is a Pushcart Prize-nominated writer and youth arts mentor. She has been a finalist in both the National Poetry Slam and the Women of the World Poetry Slam. Her play Mask Dances was produced at Rites and Reason Theater in 2011, and her literary work has appeared in Fringe Magazine, The Java Monkey Speaks Anthology, Issues Magazine, and the College Hill Independent."

"REB (Richard E. Bump) is a zinester, publisher, prisoner-activist and filmmaker. In publication since 1992, his seminal queer zine, Fanorama, has been referred to as the "grand-daddy of the queer zine scene. REB has been shooting Super-8 film since 1994.

Post-event commments included such nice words as,
"wow. what a great evening of art and camaraderie. many thanks for the invite and the sweet sweaty vibe. it felt like showing home movies in a big communal living room full of family and friends."
-Richard Bump.


The Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery has received a project grant through Rhode Island State Council of the Arts!

Thanks RISCA! 

Stay tuned next month to see photos of our August and September Installation Artists Kimi Rich and Joseph Skorupa!


We're artists! We're artists with an exhibition and performance in THE BIG APPLE!

Please join us for The Secret Rooms of the Dirt Palace performance, sale and exhibition.

Performance: Xander, Pippi, Olivia, J.R. and friends will be performing Thursday, September 27th at Soho20 Gallery in Chelsea. Show starts at 7pm!

The Secret Rooms of the Dirt Palace is a multi-media performance that explores constructing and performing femininities through a series of vignettes framed by the explicit explanations of Madame Von Malt Liqueur, our narrator whose narrative is drunk on all of the love in the air and full of repetition and lies. Madame Von Malt Liqueur knows that every story is a story of survival and that in order to make sense, a story must have at least a beginning. The Secret Rooms of the Dirt Palace has at least five beginnings; each presenting a navigation of contemporary womanhood that draw on personal experience as a point of departure to present diverse femininities that are not a reaction to or imitation of male power. Combining traditional storytelling, aggressive magic realism, surrealism, awkward realism, and utilizing puppetry, video, song, ritual, objects and dance The Secret Rooms of the Dirt Palace is a mystical look at what femininity might be -- fluid, constructed, individual and sometimes a little wasted.

Sale: Also on Thursday the 27th, the people of the palace will be selling zines, apparel, prints and much much more!

Exhibition: The DP will be filling Soho20 with prints, sculptures, paintings, comics, puppets, drawings and videos. Come to NYC and see what we've been working on!

UPDATES >>-----------> DP @ SOHO 20


When J.R. Uretsky isn't carving pumpkins for the Roger Williams Park Zoo Jack O'Lantern Spectacular she is performing Women I've Known, Biblically: The Book of Santa at S M U T N I G H T!

THIS Thursday, September 6, 2012 @ 7:30 pm @ Empire Black Box Theater

xx Erotic Readings and Performances xx

Stories, Comedy, Poetry, Puppets, Music, Sex Advice, and a Sensual Raffle.

J.R. Uretsky
Dr. Jennifer Slutsky aka Dr. OMG
Serena JVE
Bart Thompson
Lady Cub
zines by Cathy G. Johnson
...and more.

Resources provided by the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.

Ages 18+, $5 suggested donation.

...And stick around afterwards for an erotic film screening: Frank Difficult presents "Adults Only" film screening with live performance at 10 PM, $3:

What?! Lady Cub the-2-piece-rap-band-featuring-J.R.-and-Kristen-in-Darth-Vader-masks is performing their hit single Jesus Christ Pussy Slayer ?!

A must see! I'm so there! There's a video!


Pippi is developing a new set of drawings and prints this fall around the concept of "the witch who's nose is a tree" and "the swirling boars"; and is collaborating on a performance with musician Rebecca Mitchell for the Dirt Palace's upcoming SOHO20 show.  She is also back in the studio with Nine Orifices to continue work on their upcoming album.
Xander is perfecting the art of stretching out these perfect late summer days, while being excited about the impending bustle of the Autumn. The list of stuff that she managed to get done this summer includes finally finishing  part one of "Big Al's T-Shirt Collection Re-direction" Here's a little bit about the project and a link:

"My uncle AJ had a legendary T-Shirt Collection. When he moved he had to downsize it considerably...As we all know, moving (especially when you're a er.."collector") is a crazy time and  when I visited him during his move he was packing his shirts up to take to the rag man...a fate that the "collector" in me could not stand to see happen...This movie is the beginning of my effort to document ALL of the ones that came my way, while getting the shirts out of my basement and into the world!  Shot at Foo Fest 2011,  Soundtrack by ZZPot. See how many familiar faces you can find!  Some of the shirts are also super rad and weird...I think worthy of a glossy coffee table book, but that's not really my if you know people who publish such things or how to make things like that happen tell me your secrets!!"

(click through for the video!)

Xander is also busy daydreaming and scheming with her partner/collaborator Ric Royer. They're working on a show that will be performed at the Blackbox in late October. It's called "Fête of Mistakes: the 14th Annual Sublimated Side-Show of Everyday Brutality and Sweets" and stars a cast of delicious taunting zeppoles. Trick or Treat!! They also have a guest room that this summer housed their first "friendtern". Here's the deal with that: A friendternship is more than just an internship. It is an opportunity - part residency, part internship - to work for and to work at at two different arts spaces in Providence: 95 Empire and the Dirt Palace. A friendternship offers up to one month of free housing in Providence, with opportunities throughout your stay to work on and present your visual and/or performance work at one or both of these venues. Your weekly internship time, 20 hours total, will be divided up between these two spaces, working under the artistic director of 95 Empire and as a Studio Assistant to Xander Marro e-mail if you want more info.  

Muffy has had butts on the brain.

She is thrilled by the outpouring of submissions received for the forthcoming debut issue of her publication all about butts: ASSBACKWARDS.

Submissions for Issue #2 are eagerly welcomed.  Send writing and images to: or via post ASSBACKWARDS c/o Muffy Brandt 14 Olneyville Sq Providence, RI 02909.  Feel free to contact with any questions regarding submissions.

She's made an Etsy store that will carry all butt themed merchandise, the funds from which will cover printing costs, like a ghetto Kickstarter:

And an ASSBACKWARDS facebook page:

Muffy has been hard at work silk screening new items for her Etsy shop and for store orders to Iowa, Oregon, and Tokyo.  She's waiting on a huge order of leggings to arrive so she can dye and print new designs and popular favorites.  Enter coupon code DIRTPALACE at checkout for FREE SHIPPING! For Providence she'll do free delivery too, just put your phone number in the note to seller and she'll arrange a drop off.

On September 6th Muffy is please to be joining the inimitable Ric Royer to Mc SMUT NIGHT on Thursday, September 6, 2012. 7:30 pm at Empire Black Box Theatre (95 Empire St, Providence) Do come.

Muff is working on new pieces to put in the Dirt Palace art show Soho 20 in Chelsa NYC later this month and excited to be reading as part of JR Uretsky's performance on Setember 27th in the gallery.  Also she is please to be a part of R.K Project's final Providence show, MICRO-EUTOPIA. The exhibition will open on Friday, September 20, and run until Saturday, November 10th.

In short, Muffy seldom even makes it downstairs. Sorry she hasn't been anywhere.  Lets hang out.

Muffy is psyched to have Chip King, Providence's most missed presence modeling her metal head occultist shirt


MiChElLe ChRzAnOwSkI NOW Vol. 23 debut this month! Bogus CD and Hogwash DVD combo!

***Comics! (for "Render," an Internet obsession zine)

***Posters! (for FMLY in Los Angeles)

***Talking! (at Ladyfest in Providence, Saturday, Sept 22nd >>---->
come play draw games with me for a comics workshop)

***Ice Cream! (4 love, baby)


In addition to performing along with the rest of the DP at SOHO20, Olivia will be tabling at The Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD on September 15th and 16th. They're sharing the table with Cathy G Johnson and Eel Choy. They'll have the new edition of Tiny Bangs #1, published by Roby Newton/Sinistra del Diabolo, plus some exciting new things... Come say hayyyyy

Olivia has also had their grubby hands in a bunch of other projects, including the album art for Eldritch's album Forest Kingdom, a scummy gay Sailor Moon fanzine, illustrations for JR Urestky's book "Women I Have Known, Biblically", and a sexy gross-out cover for the second issue of Royce Icon's anthology, Odium Comix, drawn in tandem with Meg Powers. Crazy times!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3