Thursday, December 24, 2009

weird shit we have in our library part 4

SCHWINN bike thrills!!!
some sort of catalog/educational bicycle comic book printed sometime after 1958. i dunno exactly when, but it was back around the time bikes cost $39.95 wholesome american dollars.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hike Up the Perils of Night Flying!

the latest window piece: Hike Up the Perils of Night Flying!

by Julia Gualteri, Maureen Keaveny, and Lauren Mackler.

olneyville tea party photos

Li Pallas' window project Olneyville Tea Party slideshow.

I hope to finish updating the website with conversations by the new year...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Li's Poetry Book

chapbook folded and stapled! my first screen print ever cover! only 28 copies!

six bucks, obo, trade or barter. click the buy now button, email me at, or come talk to me in person. you know how it goes.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

dirt palace cookbook!

hhaayyy we had a bunch, it was great thanks for coming!!
if you wanna experience the deepest cooking experience known to man you can buy this zine about cooking which was made many moooonnsss ago! it's $10 + $4s&h us, can, mexico, s.america & all the $$$ goes to the space. we have exciting dual cover options but you don't get to pick unless you REALLY have a preference, and also most books contain a sexy 2-color screenprint centerfold that i think xander probably made*. yea so do it!!! email if you live international and want one!

*EDIT actually we sold all those pretty much, and i don't want to false advertise! everyone who ordered already got a screenprint centerfold, but from this point forward, don't expect one with the cookbook (although it might still happen by freak accident). sorry!!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Brunchy Times This Sundayyyyyy!

Good news, west side eaters. This very Sunday you can enjoy all the comforts of fancy restaurant dining without any of the hassle of pulling it together to be seen in public. Triumphantly returning by popular demand (and by our need to buy some oil, if we ever want heat this winter) is the DIRT PALACE SUPER SECRET BRUNCHTIME HIGH FIVE EXTRAVAGANZA! Cruise by the DP this Sunday between 11-3 to enjoy some Mythical Meats with your tofu scram. Hearts of Harpies, anyone? Yes, there will be booze there. No, it will not devolve into a 36 hour caffeine driven rave. Or, ok, maybe, as long as we don't run out of nice coffee and have to resort to Maxwell House. Enjoy the dazzling culinary stylings of guest chefs JAMEZ DAY of ST JAMES FAME and CHIP KING WHO ALSO COOKS STUFF AND IS NICE!!!! Munch to the beats of radical brunchy djs MONTANA BLANCO and ALEE PEOPLES! Git It!!!!

What: Top Secret Brunch Restaurant
Where: Le Palace de Dirt
When Sunday November 22, 11-3
What Else: Super vegan friendly, $5ish donation or maybe more if you want to get totally housed on our Popov

the Palace

Thursday, November 19, 2009


more on this from dr reba phd later
p.s. this poster makes me want to vom. open your mouth.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CAVE MIND: book release + print exhibition

book launch & print show
@ 107 shaw gallery (in toronto)
opening saturday november 28th 7pm-11pm
runs until december 17th
featuring works by: Steph Davidson, Michael Deforge, Tomas Del Balso, Jesjit Gill, Reid Jenkins, Alex Mackenzie, Alicia Nauta, Fiona Smyth, Seripop, Ryan Duggan (US), Noel Freibert (US), Keith Herzik (US), Chris Kline (US), Tetsunori Tawaraya (Japan), Brent Wadden (Germany), Yannick Val Gesto (Belgium) & me.
sweet flyer by jesjit gill (who curated and coordinated the show, and handprinted the entire zine cuz he's a crazyman)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sometimes I wish I belived in god
then these magnificant demon creations would be real to me.

Which is you favorite?

mine is Caym

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sarah Bearse installing 10/10 with opening at 3pm

Sarah Bearse is an installation artist currently straddling the Providence/Boston divide. She is interested in creating pieces that facilitate an experiential engagement with art. Her current focus is exploring the multi-layered border between private and public identity (through images, text, speech, data, etc.) and the movement of this information into the cultural framework.

Her installment in the Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery asks you to adventure into the realm of self-portraits. Passersby will be encouraged to take their own photos at the push of a button and have their image displayed on a projector in the window. You will also be able to contribute self portraits through a website.

With the proliferation of the self-portrait in recent years due in part to the invention of social networking sites, she has chosen to ground this piece in the self-portrait to examine modern modes of reproduction and distribution of image.

On view Oct 10th-Nov 6th.

Opening Oct 10th from 3pm-5pm with hot apple cider.

September Window

Aylyn Carlson:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

bon voyage k-rock

this week kristina traded in her life on land for a treacherous two month swash-buckling adventure on the high seas ina tiny sailboat!!! when she left it was pretty much exactly like that scene in the little mermaid where that mermaid gets legs except reversed and not about mermaids at all... that and all that remained was this tiny egg in my fridgerator that says "dear mickey, here's my last egg. eat it and know that at sea i will be missing you and the taste of delicious fried egg". thanks, kristina. i will eat your egg and know those things that you said on that egg!
safe travels please!!!!!! every one will miss you! may you catch many fishes and find buried treasure and pillage many villages and slay many kraken WITH YOUR BARE HANDS

Thursday, October 1, 2009

weird shit we have in our library part 3

so anyway me and jacob berendes and james mc shane went to spx this weekend which was totally fun and sort of adorable. me and jabob even stopped by the picturebox table and checked out the new issue of ninja by brian chippendale!photograph by jacob berendes

also, i got lots of weird shit, none of which i am going to blog about because it is as of yet not part of the dirt palace library. but issue #2 of ninja by bro chip totally is, so i'm gonna blog about that!
i dunno what year this was printed or how many copies there are, but anyway whatever! bro chip is our esteemed next door neighbor! his name is actually brian chippendale or something but i call him bro chip behind his back because i'm pretty sure it's a good nickname. despite his being right next door, i only ever see him at the grocery store. which i guess is fine, because everybody likes groceries.
anyway, in case you were unsure, ninja is actually a really phenomenal comic. lots of people have the collected edition picturebox published a few years ago, but less people have copies of the adorable single issues with silkscreened covers (like this issue #2, like i said)!i can't say i could sum up what ninja is about in just a few sentences, but that's ok because my favorite part about comics anyway is pacing and dialogue. so really what i feel like i want to say is that i really like the pacing and dialogue. and duh the pictures. and the story too, but i just can't sum it up you know? partially because i haven't read this comic in like 2 yrs, and i only didn't read it for this post because i figured i should just show the weird shit and not review it, like how i accidentally reviewed deforge's lose #1 when i just meant to show it!!

also bro chip's new book called if n' oof will probably be available thru picturebox sometime in the next future or so. i had a copy of one of the tiny ones but it actually didn't belong to me so i don't have it anymore so since i didn't have a copy to scan i had to draw this picture:
then i was like "duh mickey the internet", and found a real picture of them. BUT i think i came pretty close to reality for drawing from memory. i know the sunglasses and the bowtie aren't for real, who do you think i am?
well so ANYWAY when bro chip isn't drawing tiny manic comics, he's blogging online about his favorite comic book "daredevil", by kevin smith. be sure to subscribe it to your RSS feed reader before you forget how to type!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

lose #1

today in our mailbox we got michael deforge's 24 pg b&w masterpiece, a copy of which he so kindly donated to our library!! i don't even know what its about. actually i kind of know what its about, its an epic story about a tiny man who has to go to hell and has several darkly humorous and/or mildly depressing interactions with multiple melting once-adorable characters, speckled between vignettes illustrating the super-real misery of the justice league america & friends. presumably to achieve freedom, our tiny man hero must reach the drooly eyeless pinnacle of mt. ABANDON. it's sort of like looking in a mirror.
deforge draws minute brilliance in the form of tiny triangles, cirlces, an abundance of sweat and details detail that most others would find irrelevant. he's also totally mastered comics in black and white, which i feel like is an often underrated achievement these days and uses a computer in a way that might spark the question "really? he uses a computer?".
additonally, despite a slew cameos by famous cartoon characters such as bullwinkle, homer simpson, dottie or whatever, garfield, mr fantastic, the waitress from that strip about the lawyer bird and the entirety of the JLA including totally wasted batman, never does the suspension of disbelief falter and never do you feel like deforge has made a comic that is anything but his own.
also, can we just talk about 'dogs in college'? i don't even know. so charming. i like that deforge draws great comics so i don't have to.
there are more pictures below! if you want your own copy you can PAYPAL michael.deforge(at)gmail(dot)com $5 plus $1.50 shipping to north american or $3 overseas published 2009 by koyama press
ADDITIONALLY if you want to be cool just like mike deforge, you can donate your comic or zine or book or whatever to the dirt palace library collection and maybe i'll blog about it like a total blog nerd!!! mail to: dirt palace, 14 olneyville sq. providence ri 02909 u.s.a.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

dirty cheap yard sale!

hello! this sunday, september 13th we're having some semblance of yard sale from NOON-4PM on our 'front porch' next to the art window (which has some new stuff in it byyy the way) facing olneyville square.

the yardsale will feature exotic goods from distant lands such as:
  • functioning pump organ (mysterious!)
  • homemade vegan muffins
  • giant 18-ft sturdy-as-a-mountain wooden ladder
  • a inkjet printer (that needs a USB cord and color ink cartridge)
  • fancy photo paper (color or b&w? who can say! 18x24?)
  • handmade furniture
  • outrageous wood stove
  • books? i would assume? all yard sales have books
  • preserved blood from a variety of authentic vestal virgins
  • one million hats with various debateably "ironic" logos
  • aaaand frog
stop by on your way back from the speedway!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

August Window: Erik Ruin

"Featuring the first of a series of an open-edition lending library of large banners on the theme of liberation to be made to various causes, events and monuments, Ruin's hope is to evolve/construct a set of images that reflects not only ongoing liberation movements but also more personal methods and movements of liberation - in the sense of individual escape from societal structures and pressures."

updating our mailing list!

It's true. I'm collecting addresses for the DP so we can mail you one measly postcard a month informing you about our fabulous window artist. Please send email addresses to You're spectacular!


human beast is the nicest band!!! it's like noise/distortion/pop/jam, sort of like distant electrical storm--- catchy (but not nagging!), fun to watch but not because of novelty-- also with girlscreams, wonderful singing and vibrating static. maralie plays the microphone and eli plays the tiny twisty thing that's electronic while stretching. sometimes maralie takes off her blank face and has totally freaky white eyeshadow on, and then i suddenly feel like i'm too close and try and back up (in a good way) but there's a pole behind me so i can't. maralie is like a tiny rapper who doesn't rap and eli is like the best kind of pink gumbie if gumbie was less boring (and wasn't wearing flared pants). anyway currently human beast is on tiny tour! i love to see them so this is great, because other people can see too.
here they go!!!:
SEPT 8 Kansas City, MO.. crossroads info shop
SEPT 9 Iowa City, IA…… tba
SEPT 10 Bloomington, IN.. Rachel’s cafe w\ Universe
SEPT 11 Columbus, OH…. help help!!!
SEPT 12 Pittsburg, PA….. generator show
SEPT 14 W. MASS………. inquire
additionally, the best part about this post is you can download their album soft and removable without feeling like a sketchy internet thief cuz they posted it themselves!! i dunno which one is my favorite favorite track but i really like oignons and i wanna hurt!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

weird shit we have in our library part 2

godzilla file!!!!! yeah!!!!! it's an 11x17 folder with sixteen or something 11x17 glossy b&w prints of drawings by (possibly) north american artists of godzilla! published by dark horse comics in 1988
featuring work by: arthur adams, paul chadwick, doug widley, mark badger, cynthia martin, alan moore, bill wray, hilary barta, ryan brown, kevin eastman, peter laird, steve lavigne, steve bissette, michael dooney, eric talkbot and jim lawson
sorry for the wicked crappy photos

besides the folder cover, this one by cynthia martin is totally my favorite: