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This Sunday December 19th!
12pm - 6pm
2 floors of vendors!
Get all your holiday necesities!!
 Food Court!
Take your picture with the melting icecaps and tinkerbell!!

Vendor include: Tito, Club Darnel, Celeste Falzone, Natasha Brennan, Ysanel, LN + Sam, Avery, Ian Cozzens, Angels Collective, Jacob Berendes, Cathy Johnson, Paris + Nigel, JB Fireworks, Caterina Maina, James Galey, Trina & Mer, Jaeyon, Pirecua, Gyna Bootleg & More!!





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Humanity avoids facing the shit that is omnipresent within our daily lives. Over the duration of the past year and foreseeable near future we collectively have been swimming through the complexities COVID-19 unleashed upon us. One of our initial reactions was to hoard toilet paper which has since evolved into more complicated emotional reactions of annoyance, disgust, denial, grief, and anger. I am proposing to create visceral soft sculptures that represent this collectively experienced unease and trauma. 

During numerous lockdowns individuals were often forced to face and unpack previous behavioral patterns, and traumas. The pandemic created a period that for many was a time of reflection that exposed individual and collectively experienced inequities. Passersby are invited to navigate and integrate a lighthearted representation of what our collective conscience experienced together.  

Release the blockages of societal constipation! We are in a time that brought so much to the surface, inciting such great change. I invite you to cleanse your mental colon and reflect on what you eliminated during these times. Perhaps you’ve been holding it in and holding it together? Now is the time to let it all go in that oh-so-satisfying way.  Let’s celebrate what we’ve been able to expel so far, as we realize there is still more to come.

Coral Short was born on a beautiful island off the west coast of Canada and was raised by a lively river in the countryside where her hippy family lived off the land with many animals. Coral has been traveling and creating art  in Asia, North America, and Europe for over 20 years. Their playful art helps to create the idea that fantastical realities can and do happen at any given moment. They believe that art has the possibility to open up new states of existence. Through their art, they attempt to remind the world that magic exists all around us on a continual basis, and that in fact, we are already a part of its infrastructure.  The essence of their collaborative work is expansive and transformative. Coral’s work evokes somatic joy, curiosity and wonderment - states we may have forgotten in our lives as of late.


The Storefront Window Gallery project is made possible in part by a grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, through an appropriation by the Rhode Island General Assembly and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.



So excited to have our duo residency at Wedding Cake House this month with artist Coral Short (Window installation above)  and Marissa Paternoster!!!!


"Marissa Paternoster is an artist, singer, and guitarist active in the band Screaming Females.  She has been performing & traveling with Screaming Females for the past 15 years, playing over 1300+ shows worldwide.  She graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in 2008 with a BFA in painting & drawing.  Marissa lives in Philadelphia, PA with two humans, three dogs, and two cats.  Marissa has been spending her time at the beautiful Dirt Palace illustrating a graphic novel and creating artwork for her band's next release."


Work in progress........


Introducing Interlace Grant Fund’s 2021
Project Grant Recipients!


Interlace Grant Fund is proud to announce the inaugural nine recipients of Project Grants for visual arts projects produced and presented in Providence. The grants, totaling more than $50,000, support new and experimental work by local artists who have visions for projects that might otherwise fall outside of traditional arts funding opportunities. Grantees range from unincorporated groups of collaborating artists to individual artists whose work facilitates unique engagements with various contexts and publics.

Awarded Artists and Project Titles:

  • Adam Chuong | I built you a house of mud so that we could see each other again
  • Binch Press | Binch Press 2022 CSA (Community Supported Artwork)
  • Dana Heng | Nyum Lang ញាុំ លេង: Offerings for Yin
  • Haus of Glitter | The Haus Will Be Red: The Curse of Esek Hopkins
  • Jazzmen Lee-Johnson | CONTRABAND
  • Lois Harada | WISH YOU WERE HERE
  • Mariana Ramos Ortiz Breezeblocks
  • Que Dulce | Que Dulce PVD; A Revolutionary Queer Dance Party by QTBIPOC for QTBIPOC
  • Ryan Cardoso | A Different Type of Church

To learn more, please find project descriptions and artists' biographies here.