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15 Years Summer Celebrations

JUNE 2015

WE GOT OUR C of O!!!




About FHR
Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) is a non-profit organization providing services to individuals with mental illness and addiction disorders across seven states. Building partnerships in recovery, FHR supports and empowers thousands of individuals and their families, helping each person improve their quality of life.
About Studio 35
Studio 35, a creative arts program of FHR, enables individuals to further explore creativity and self-expression on the journey to recovery. By integrating the arts as a therapeutic approach, Studio 35 positively impacts individuals served, staff, and the greater community. This creative arts program helps individuals become more engaged, reduces isolation, and teaches both vocational and arts-based skills.
About May is Mental Health Month
To learn more about May is Mental Health Month, now being celebrated for over 65 years, visit


This Spring Session at CityArts, a group of 8-10 year old Young Artists worked collaboratively with Teaching Artist, Maren Jensen to create a Fantasy Providence installation for the Dirt Palace window. While learning how to think about art beyond 2-D and 3-D, students re-imagined Providence into a dream world, brainstorming a better and more fantastical city. Students then brought this dreamed-up-Providence to life using cardboard, paint, paper, string, and other materials.
The mission of Providence ¡CityArts! for Youth Inc. is to provide free professional art-based education and training to Providence youth in a fully developed community-based arts center that reflects, encourages, and promotes the rich ethnic diversity of Providence, our capital city. CityArts’ mission is to ensure our capital city’s most challenged youth access to quality arts programs—unhindered by socio-economic barriers, and celebrating the arts as a means to youth empowerment, community building, and social change.
To learn more about CityArts you can visit or set up a visit with Program Director, Nika Gorini! You can contact her at

In exciting news, the Dirt Palace Facade Project has received funding through Olneyville Housing's grants and awards from Rhode Island Housing and New England Foundation of the Arts!
The RI Housing Keepspace Implementation grant is supporting the commercial district maintenance work in Olneyville Square and Elmwood Ave. OHC received the Creative Economy Award from NEFA at the Creative Communities Exchange Conference in Keene NH. NEFA’s creative economy work supports the creative sector and creative placemaking work by highlighting the rich cultural activity of New England, quantifying its impact, connecting its leaders, and providing opportunities for anyone across the U.S. to apply research frameworks or New England model projects locally.
To make a long story short, this funding enables the facade project to be installed this fall!!!

Alison has been working on art for an upcoming solo show at Aurora Providence. Show opening July 11th from 6-9!!!
Sneak peek of some wallpaper she screenprinted for the show:
Other than that, Alison has been lucky enough to spend a lot of quality time having fun in the sun. Everyone should get a tube floatie thing, with the cup holder, you will not regret it.
This is the best pic ever taken of Al (and Jieun).
<3 summer <3

Meet Dirt Palace short term resident/subletter....
Started to forget about a past project undergone to remember times that could have been forgotten. 
(Click Here --->  )
Making motorized objects that clacked, scraped, and chimed.

And following new passage ways ~

Xander is wicked psyched to be jumping off a cliff into the unknown: i.e. just getting started on a phase of lots of travel – the update:
In July I’ll be in Montreal, Aug: in NY showing films at Anthology Film Archive, and then in Portsmith, NH making movies with my pals of The Colony of Light, and then making my way across the US driving out to Nebraska.  Do you live somewhere between RI and Nebraska and want a visit/house guest for a night in late August?  Do you have the crazy legs like me and want to travel to RI in September and sub-let my studio at the Dirt Palace?  Also were you hoping to get one of those lampshades from the last newsletter, or something else from my store…cause I’m basically shutting it down during this time of running around so if you NEED to have one of the 50 (lamp) shades of grey,  before mid October, get in touch…last time I posted about them I didn’t really have it all figured out, but now I’ve got boxes and can ship anywhere in the USA (or slip you one out the backdoor of the Dirt Palace).  
Muffy has enjoyed 3 great years at the Dirt Palace. It's time for a change so she's moving to the west side in July. Help her lighten the load of moving by shopping her site wide moving sale (sale pic) She has lots of new items, including peace nudist and cats on the moon embroidered patches (the moon glows in the dark!)


Here are a few new hair pieces Jieun has been working on for Almanac for June— not available quite yet, but soon!
She will most likely be closing shop midway through July and not re-opening until September. For the rest of June, use the *exclusive* coupon code SUMMERFUNZONE for 10% off.


Nina is spending the month of June in the mountains of North Carolina, where she won a scholarship to study tapestry at the Penland School of Crafts. There, she is watching fireflies, collecting mica, and slowly but surely making progress on the slowest-paced art form she's ever embarked on.

Rachel is stressed about relaxing. 
In other news, she enjoyed a brief stay in North Carolina, playing a show and spending time with family. 
RRLEW @ Savage Weekend 2015
Photo by Jane Chardiet
She is very honored to be experiencing right now what may be the worst mood she's ever been in!



OK! Not in our library... YET! But coming soon!
Dirt Palace was honored to in Second Culture Press's Burn After ReadingThe project was launched at the end of March 2015 at the National Sculpture Factory in Cork, Ireland as part of two-day event of talks, music and discussion exploring the value of independent initiatives. Second Culture Press is a new independent publisher, presenting a series of publications featuring contributions from initiatives from around the world, developed by National Sculpture Factory Im/Plant Taf Hassam, together with writer Janine Armin and designer Marius Jopen of the design activist group The Foreign Legion. Moving away from the ‘quantifying’ value mechanisms of economics, in favour of a more experiential approach, the project seeks to look at how the independent cultural sphere is not only crucial to creative processes, but also a form of civic engagement, providing and encouraging the reflection necessary for any kind of democratic society we might aspire to.

Participating Initiatives:The Arbour Lake Sghool (Calgary, CA), Cooperativa Cráter Invertido (Mexico City, MX), Dirt Palace (Providence, US), Eastern Daze (Prague, CZ), Green Papaya Art Projects (Quezon City, PH), The Institute for Wishful Thinking (New York, US), Mexicali Rose (Pueblo Nuevo, MX), OCCII (Amsterdam, NL), The Side Room (Amsterdam, NL), TEOR/éTica (San José, CR), Triple Candie (Philadelphia, US)

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