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Heather Benjamin and Lisa Oppenheim woven blankets!!!

Heather Benjamin and Lisa Oppenheim woven blankets!!!

Heather Benjamin

Shipping/ pick-up options - Heather Benjamin

Lisa Oppenheim

Shipping/ pick-up options

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

River Art. Night Cafe. Made of Water

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JULY 2019

Thursday July 25th
6 – 7:30pm
Artist Talk / Interview

Artist Deborah Spears Moorehead  in conversation with Taylor Polites
Supported through the Art Culture and Tourism department, as part of theWoonasquatucket River Greenway Arts project, the Dirt Palace is commissioning artists to make new work in conversation with the river, its history, and the future plans for the neighborhood greenway, October 2018 - July 2019. 
Our seventh and final event features an installation by artist Deborah Spears Moorehead  in our Storefront Window Gallery. Join us this Thursday the 25th at the Dirt Palace while she discusses her work with writer and historian Taylor Polites. If like us, you can't get enough of the Woonasquatucket, there's lots happening with partner orgs along the river this weekend that you can find out about here! 
JULY 26th ~ 10PM to 2AM
Dessert and beverages served with a suggested donation of $5 to $20. Like a brunch, but at night. "Eclipses, occultations, and halos. You reach out your hand . . . "


Parcel 1 A. Providence River from 1600 to Contemporary
As a part of the Providence Preservation Society's Sites and Stories Explored Through Community Engaged Art and Scholarship project, artist Deborah Spears Moorehead explored the Colonial, Industrial, and Contemporary uses of Providence waterways. Her work resulted in a mural that addresses several aspects of water usage, including how bodies of water can sustain differing cultures. Her research and production involved both the State House Lawn and Parcel 1A, two landscapes that relate directly to the Woonasquatucket, Mosshasuck and Providence’s Rivers.
Deborah Spears Moorehead M.A. 
Kutoo Seepoo - TALKING WATER
Pronouns she her
My artwork is homeland based and every picture of my relative land or seascape tells a story.. I”
Deborah is an internationally known Native American, Visual, and Performing Artist, Author, Cultural Bearer, Educational Consultant, Water Protector and Song Writer. Deborah  employs her artwork to promote social and earth justice. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Swain School of Design and a Masters in Arts in Cultural Sustainability from Goucher College. She is a member of the Seaconke, Pokanoket,Wampanoag Tribal Nation, and descends from the “Thanksgiving Indians” Chief Sachem Massasoit, who befriended the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621, and saved their lives through their first winter. Deborah is also Narragansett, Pequot, Mohegan and Nipmuc.

My work’s focus is on the contemporary cultural existence of Eastern Woodland Native American communities and the Cultural Sustainability of our Traditional Bearers and Environmental Knowledge Keepers.and Earth Stewards. Creation, Oral Tradition, and contemporary stories of resistance, resilience and fortitude, inspire me. I am an emic observer immersed in my Native community; my paintbrush captures the beauty of my people and culture through portraits. Dispelling negative stereotypes of Native Americans, as well as promoting awareness, and dialogue on the subjects of social and economic inequities, are one of my goals through Art. I am interested in the values, strength, and beauty of indigenous people, and ability to thrive into the future through adversity. My creative work, lectures and performances serve to educate, assert, promote, value and validate the identity Eastern Woodland Tribal Nations.”
Her business is called Painted Arrow Studio, Talking Water Productions where she exhibits Art, designs fragrances, Native clothing, and teaches Drawing, Painting and Jewelry. In 2014, Deborah authored the book “Finding Balance The Genealogy of Massasoit’s People and Oral and Written History of the Seaconke Pokanoket Wampanoag Tribal Nation. Her book dispels many biases and stereotypes regarding Native American culture and history and offers a Wampanoag perspective on America’s history. 

As an Outreach Educational Consultant, she develops Native American cultural programs for educational institutions. In 1996, Deborah co-founded Nettukkusqk Singers, an all Native American women’s hand drum learning, teaching and performing group. Nettukkusqkq have been performing for over 30 years. Deborah believes in cultural democracy and has curated many Native American Art shows including the 2012 “fist ever” Native American Art Show for Rhode Island State Council of the Arts. Rhode Island State Council for the Arts honored her with a Community Leadership Award. She is a Muralist and was awarded the Youth Mural Project Grant 05-06 from the National Museum of the American Indian, (NMAI) Smithsonian Institute. In 2006 Nettukkusqk singers collaborated with NMAI and the Tomaquaug Indian Museum to produce a DVD called Memories Dreams and Legends of the Narragansetts.
Her piece ”Good Energy” graced Congressman David Cicilline’s office walls in 2013. In 2017 she won the National Congress of American Indian Art contest award for her piece called “Whoosh.” Presently,“Whoosh” is being displayed in Congressman David Cicilline’s office.

In 2019 Deborah was awarded the Sites and Stories Grant, from the Providence Preservation Society’s in which she painted a four panel mural serving to educate the public on the protection of our waterways.

For over thirty years Deborah has educated on Native American subject matter and her Art has been shown and procured throughout United States as well as internationally in galleries and museums such as the Mashantucket Pequot Museum, the International Gallery of Bolivia, Brown University, Peabody Museum, Harvard University, Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art, Rhode Island School of Design, University of Rhode Island, Wheaton College, Mohegan Tribal Nation as well as many other venues. Contact her by e-mail at


I'm the newbie in the house, just moved from Tucson, Arizona. Settling into humidity land and getting to know the river.  I recently read On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong and it was beautiful :,) I'm playing with clay and screenprinting on hankies, thinking about city flowers that grow through fences.


Laura Raicovich recently interviewed Maia Chao and I about Look at Art. Get Paid. for Hyperallergic. Read the interview here

I'm excited to share a chrome extension that annotates the RISD Museum’s website with handwritten notes and drawings of first-time museum goers paid to visit the RISD Museum as guest critics of the art and institution through our 2016 pilot of Look at Art. Get Paid.

Visit to read about the extension, or download it directly here

To realize the extension, Maia and I brought in designer Lukas Eigler-Harding who built the extension, and Look at Art. Get Paid. critic Stephan McCants Jr. who advised the project.

This chrome extension is one of five art interventions that debuted at the RISD Museum this past June. Check out the other projects on our instagram.


"He came up to me."

✿ڿڰۣ— Please consider donating to AMOR RI, a community support network organizing to fight back against police, immigration, and state sponsored violence & abuse.


My lil library just had a pop-up at Trade-Pop! More very soon. Follow @fathomlibrary to keep up with our goings on + submit work!


Daniella recently played a set on the lawn of the Wedding Cake House. In it, she turned a motorized plant into an optical tremolo and accompanied it on guitar.

A video of the set is here --


explaining the heat in a letter to a friend: i was part ocean dog, part snork, part firefly.  but also mostly just a mermaid covered with chocolate vegan ice cream in a fever dream. god i love summer.


Bonedust, Fruit of the Ash, a one-sided  lathe-cut 7inch single.... Going to be available soon as part of the "bundle" (cassette, shirt, lathe and CD!) on Annihilvs.


SAVE THE DATE: well, actually save a bunch of dates! See poster with a bunch of Aug/Sep/Oct events below:
 August 8th - Book Launch: Naty and My Chaotic Stench  with Shey Rivera-Rios - more info to come
Call for Eyes of a Blob:

We are so excited to be hosting the creation of an episode of Sistership TV - if you have not watched this show yet...get on it!!

Hello everyone! The Powers are a band from from out of town doing a livestream TV show from the Dirt Palace in August. We are looking for a few volunteers to dress up in a very funny group costume and get on camera with us! We need 2-4 ppl to perform as the eyes of a blob for a segment of our show called "Blob Descending a Staircase". The shoot will be on August 14th at the Dirt Palace for about one hour, from 2-3 pm. The finished show will air live on August 18th at (where you can also check out past episodes!) 

The costume is a large piece of fabric with eye masks embedded in it. It fits up to 6 people inside at a time. For the video, this blob will walk down the stairs at the Dirt Palace, and will be recorded with a prism in front of the lens, creating a fragmented image. This scenario will be set to live electronic music by The Powers with special guest Violet Cutler.

Poster for upcoming things! amazing painting by Amy Moon O-S



Glomp 8 - Nothing like encountering some Finnish Comics from 2006 to remind you that the world is big and full of beauty.

Thursday, June 20, 2019




JUNE 2019
Ruffles, Repair and Ritual: The Fine Art of Fixing 
Backyard Performance & Videos at Wedding Cake House 

Saturday June 22, 2019 6:30 - 10:30 PM 
Rain or Shine Doors at 6pm, performances start at real live 6:30!!
DJ Philomena, Noraa Kaplan, Sandrine Schaeffer, Sherente Harris, House Red, Rachel Blumberg, Cody Ross, Greta Scheing, Ayana Evans, k. funmilayo aileru, Shey Rivera Ríos, Valise, Daniella Ben-bassat
Performances and movies on the Wedding Cake House lawn under the waning moon. Outside! Free! Bring a picnic, bring a chair or blanket, bring whoever and whatever will make you feel cozy. Doors open at 6pm, Performances start at 6:30. Supported by Andy Warhol Foundation and Providence Tourism Council. Rain or Shine. We'll put up a tent if it seems like it will rain...but crossing our fingers!

Thursday June 27

6 – 7:30pm
Artist Talk / Interview

Artist Eli Nixon in conversation with Xander Marro
Supported through the Art Culture and Tourism department, as part of the Woonasquatucket River Greenway Arts project, the Dirt Palace is commissioning artists to make new work in conversation with the river, its history, and the future plans for the neighborhood greenway, October 2018 - July 2019.  
Our sixth event “Heron Now” Features the installation by artist Eli Nixon in our Storefront Window Gallery. Join us Thursday June 27th at the Dirt Palace while they discusses their work with artist Xander Marro.

A heron and their habitat. Not just Great Blue Heron but Huge Ass Blue Heron, towering above us. Flapping in the diesel tinged wind of our traffic. Me and my La Lupita breath huffing shellac (made of beetles) to protect a beast bigger than the indoors from the acid rain outside. I’m working on shifting my scale, human scale, in time and size: 450 million years of horseshoe crabs, heron talons large enough to scoop me from the Woonasquatucket River, were I fool enough to swim there.
Instead, I am grateful to have been bathed in the help of many friends, new and old, who used their hands and hours toward the creation of this cardboard kin. I'm humbled by the challenge of building "nature" together.

Eli Nixon builds portals and gives guided tours to places that don’t yet exist, or already exist but call for imaginative intervention. They are a settler-descended genderqueer clown, a cardboard constructionist, and a maker of plays, puppets, parades, pageants, suitcase theaters, and low-tech spectaculah- on their own, and in collaboration with artists, activists, animals and other more-than-human life forms. Their performances and installations occur on street corners and stages and in partnerships with schools, senior centers, and addiction recovery and mental health programs. Eli’s current creative efforts include identifying opportunities to dismantle Manifest Destiny, foster intra and interspecies kinship, and co-parent a 10 year old human. Eli is a Rhode Islander by birth and choice, living on Pequot, Nipmuc, Niantic, Narragansett, and Wampanoag land.



Sunday, May 26, 2019

Gradient Forest: Xylem & Phloem

my luv is increasing//and transcends common sense



MAY 2019

Monday May 27th
6 – 7:30pm
Artist Talk / Interview

Artist Andrew Moon Bain in conversation with Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez
Supported through the Art Culture and Tourism department, as part of the Woonasquatucket River Greenway Arts project, the Dirt Palace is commissioning artists to make new work in conversation with the river, its history, and the future plans for the neighborhood greenway, October 2018 - July 2019. 
Our fourth event “Gradient Forest: Xylem &Phloem” Features the installation by artist Andrew Moon Bain in our Storefront Window Gallery. Join us January this Monday the 27th at the Dirt Palace while he discusses his work with artist and curator Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez.

Here's the map of the first floor of the Ruffles Repair and Ritual: the Fine Art of Fixing show! (Map by Matt Tracy). We had a soft opening this past weekend – no worries if you missed it! We're following up soon with info on all the amazing artists in the exhibition and all the chances to see it this summer, leading up to, of course, the grand opening! (and beyond! the exhibition will be up through July 2020!)

Part of the exhibition features the Wedding Cake House Anthology, edited and curated by Mary-Kim Arnold and Taylor M. Polites. 
We're super blown away by all the amazing contributors!
Want to buy one? If so, click HERE

Also available locally at Riff Raff!!!
An Anthology of Writing in Regards to the Renovation of the Wedding Cake House. Featuring the work of: Alexis Almeida, Andrea Feldman, Angela DiVeglia, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Becci Davis, Daphne Host, Gina Mariela Rodríguez, Holly Gaboriault, Jacob Berendes, Janaya Kizzie, Joan D'Arc, Joanna Howard, Joanna Ruocco, Julia Gualtieri, Kate Irvin, Mairead Byrne, Marcia Coné, Megan Manowitz, Noraa Kaplan, Rachel Lewallen, Sara Wintz, Sasha Wiseman, Sussy Santana, Suzanne Scanlan, Tina Cane & Walker Mettling
Gradient Forest : Xylem & Phloem
Gradient Forest is a detail and reflection on appreciation of systems of water intake. I thought of the Woonasquatucket as a small forgotten river, that is just there. Something that has done so much for the community for so long and continues to yet is not considered. All the giving that has shaped it into the thin crescent it has become now. Magnified blue bristles resemble life-size nerve endings, moving from a deep blue to an aqua turquoise. This motion in color is an emotion, a transforming gradient as our bodies transform with water intake. Our mood changes when water is brought into our structure. Just as community is quenched when water is brought in. We can not have community without water present. Whether collected, piped in, carried or irrigated. This piece is subtly dressing up these water ways and tributaries in blue, gold and black. It is taking a river out for the night. They flow throughout our backstreets and collect the cities residue, forming into the groves of saplings, Sumac and grasses that burst between street cracks.

Andrew Moon Bain is a visual artist, record producer, songwriter, performing musician and part-time graphic designer. He was active in the arts growing up in Seattle, Washington and played as a cellist in the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra. He also worked at Dale Chihuly’s famed “Boat House” glass studios as a young teen. He relocated to Providence, Rhode Island as a young adult and earned a BFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design. Bain remained in New England after earning his degree, subsequently becoming an active and integral member of Providence’s thriving art community of the era. His visual art is represented in numerous private collections, museums, and at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum.
He spent 14 years living in Brooklyn, New York working and raising his daughter, who is now studying animation at RISD. He has traveled and worked extensively in the United States, Europe, Jamaica, WI and throughout the Caribbean, which indelibly influences his life, art and music. He is a co-founder of Lustre Kings Productions, a US based reggae record label, he continues to make a significant mark in the genre of modern reggae music. He has written and produced records for compelling artists such as Wyclef Jean, Sizzla, Snoop Dogg, Major Lazer, and many others.

Bain is also one third of the ever prolific modern reggae production team, Zion I Kings, receiving a Grammy nod in 2013. for Snoop Lion, Reincarnated. He recently completed work on Jahdan Blakkamoore’s third full-length studio album, Order of Distinction, set to release winter, 2020. Right now he is working with French / New Caledonian singer, Marcus Gad.

As a visual artist, Bain is currently working at ZEA Mais printmaking studio in Florence, MA., making screen prints. He continues to be active making prints, installations, paintings and showing in the region. He is an avid gardener and naturalist. Bain now lives and works in Central Massachusetts.



I've had the utter pleasure of co-organizing "Critics Choice" a one-day show at the RISD Museum featuring  featuring 4 art interventions made in collaboration with local artists and guest critics from the pilot Look at Art. Get Paid. Please join us!

DATE Sunday, June 2, 2019
TIME 1:00pm - 4:00pm
PLACE The RISD Museum, 20 N Main St., Providence, Rhode Island

What truths, problems, and possibilities might be overlooked by regular museum goers, curators, and critics? Asserting lived experience as sufficient cred to act as a cultural critic, “Critic’s Choice” invites four Rhode Islanders who don’t visit art museums to oversee site-specific art interventions by local artists at the RISD Museum. The interventions, which will be on view for a one-day pop-up on June 2nd, push for transparency, access, and accountability.

The four critics—Stephan McCants, Laurilim Rosado, Orianna Rodriguez, and Debra Harris—first visited the RISD museum as part of Look at Art. Get Paid. (LAAGP), our socially engaged artwork that pays people who don’t go to art museums to visit one as a critic of the art and institution. "Critic's Choice" aims to address their critiques publicly through experimentation and collaboration.


"Archaeology is not just excavation (analysis). It must, in some way, synthesize (reconstruct, represent, simulate) the past." 
✿ڿڰۣ— Sista Fire RI, an organization co-creating a network of women of color to build their collective power for social, economic, and political transformation in Rhode Island, is celebrating two of their members’ birthdays with a fundraiser to sustain their work. Consider donating if you can!

✿ڿڰۣ— A collection of advocates and youth organizers in Maine just kicked off a campaign to close Long Creek, a youth incarceration facility, and invest in a continuum of community-based alternatives. I couldn’t be more proud of and excited for the work this crew is doing. Shout out to the queer and trans youth organizers of Portland Outright. ♡

Mostly trying to animate while also getting outside as much as I can.  Did you know Providence Roller Derby has bouts outside in the downtown rink this year? right next to burnside park. I'm about to make a new set of postcards so send your address to gretron at gmail if you'd like one


An image from my lil pop-up art reading room, fathom library: stitch your own sketchbook + decorate with potato stamps and natural dyes at Symposium Books. Many thanks to all who came! More pop-ups to come, follow on IG @fathomlibrary for event announcements and updates. fathom is also welcoming submissions! Just tap my name above or the image for more info.

Xander has been doing nothing but Wedding Cake House things (follow this project on IG already!!). It is/maybe always be endless. When she sleeps she dreams of flaking paint and plaster dust. But some thresholds have been crossed. Like there was a soft opening last week (don't worry, if you didn't know/make it - there will be programing all summer and another "grand" opening in September. She's excited about all of it... Anyway here's a picture of X's outfit from the opening...because outfits are feeling important these days...also a dumpster selfie with Steve (contractor who works with us endlessly) under the almost full moon.


venus in blue jeans//venus in furs/// forward to a friend

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

April Foolish

my luv is increasing//and transcends common sense
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APRIL 2019

Sunday April 7th
6 – 7:30pm
Artist Talk / Interview

Artist Matt Tracy in conversation with Mary-Kim Arnold
Supported through the Art Culture and Tourism department, as part of theWoonasquatucket River Greenway Arts project, the Dirt Palace is commissioning artists to make new work in conversation with the river, its history, and the future plans for the neighborhood greenway, October 2018 - July 2019. 
Our fourth event “Invasive” Features the installation by artist Matt Tracy in our Storefront Window Gallery. Join us January this Sunday the 7th at the Dirt Palace while he discusses his work with local writer Mary-Kim Arnold
Dirt Palace is looking for new Artist in Residence Members July and potentially August

The Dirt Palace is a self organized feminist collective that supports  artists by providing affordable studio space, facilities, shared resources, opportunities and a culture of cooperation. The Dirt Palace is trans-inclusive, strives to be accountable and to work intersectionally.

Seeking experimental feminist with projects that will make use of our current facilities: Legal live/work space with: screen printing shop, letterpress, animation stand, music rehearsal room, wood shop, large shared space for building bigger projects, and library.

Members are expected to attend weekly meetings, monthly work days, do regular chores, keep the kitchen clean, and take a leadership role over running some aspect of the collective project vaguely falling under the conceptual roof of “The Dirt Palace”. If you are interested, all of this (and more!) will be explained in our epic 20 page document called “the Occupancy and Consciousness Agreement” that we will e-mail you upon request. Residencies at the Dirt Palace average about 24 months. We are looking for a commitment of at least a year minimum.

Rent and expenses end up breaking down to about $430 - $455/month:
Rent - $300/month
Heat - $60/month (paid all year round)
Electric - $57 - $70/month (varies)
Internet - $13/month
Sundries - $10/month (TP, dish soap,etc)
Parking is included.

If you would like to learn more contact us at dirtpalace @ yahoo dot com

Dirt Palace is also looking for a downstairs studio sub-letter. Work only.
***Downstairs studio / work space available*** - 6x8 feet expandable to 8x8 feet. includes use of wood shop, storage space, access to large common area for bigger projects, opportunity for print shop access.  $125 per month.
If you would like to learn more contact us at dirtpalace @ yahoo dot com
SAVE THE DATE (S) !!!!!!

Always wanted to do a workday at the Wedding Cake House but haven't gotten around to it? Are you excited by seeing color change walls right before your very eyes? Are you one of those people who “loves to paint”? Do you love seeing other people wearing bunny costumes? Would you like to celebrate Easter by finding beer or chocolate hidden on the Wedding Cake Grounds? If you said yes to any or all of these questions, this next workday is for you!
APRIL 20th and APRIL 21st Wedding Cake House Weekend Painting Marathon Both days 1pm – 5pm.
We are in a mad dash (like the mad hare) to get all the interior painting done inside the Wedding cake house!! Many brushes make light work. Many hands make paint work. Many painting brushes paint the GD house.
Bring your own roller if you got one. We'll have the paint, brushes, fuzzy things (not bunny tails) (no really – what do you call those things), music, snacks, etc. We'll end both days sharing a meal on the lawn.
RSVP if you'd like to come to either or both days!
Dirt palace public projects at gmail dot com


Our inaugural exhibition at the Wedding Cake House will celebrate the 150 years since the house was built, by mounting 150 artist works.
Opening May 18th 6pm – 9pm.
More info coming soooooooon
Matt Tracy has been making art in Providence since 1999, focused mainly on painting and map-making, with occasional forays into mixed media three-dimensional work. He stopped painting for a few years because he was the co-ownership of an organic vegetable farm turned out to be quite a demanding job, but is thrilled to have returned to a regular studio practice and exhibitions in 2018.

I’ve been living and working on the Woonasquatucket for 20 years, so I was thrilled to build an installation about the river for the Dirt Palace Window. The piece might be viewed as a diagram of a cycle, maybe physiological, ecological, and historical.
As I built the installation, I began to think about and grow specimens of an invasive exotic plant called Japanese Knotweed which has become endemic to the watershed. It is destructive to native plant and animal communities but spreads very quickly and is extremely difficult to get rid of. The argument around whether to eradicate, manage, or ignore these exotic invasive in our ecosystems has a long and freighted history, and meanwhile the plants seem to basically be here to stay at this point. Japanese Knotweed, then, began to serve as a symbol for the bigger, scarier threat of climate change, which is harder and way more somber to talk about, but that I couldn’t stop thinking about as I worked on this piece.
I came to think of fossil carbon as just the latest, albeit most deadly, in a long line of invasive factors introduced by humans that this particular ecosystem has absorbed and adapted to during the last 400 years. As such, the carbon in smoke that billowed from the stacks of Woonasquatucket textile mills 80 years ago has literally come back to weave itself into the living fabric of the river. It is now in every cell of every plant and animal, and will be here for centuries to come. This radical change is invisible, but these plants serve as a reminder that we exist in a natural system that operates on its own rules we are part of cycles that never stop, that we have no control over, but that choices we make as a species can and do affect them profoundly.
Dirt Palace has been pleased to share space the past couple moths with artists and studio sub-letters Matt Tracy and Marci Green!


fathom library (f:) is a submission based, pop-up art reading room in Providence. The collection is an ever-growing archive of contemporary creative work (with an emphasis on emerging and local artists) in the form of book-like printed materials. We are currently welcoming submissions! Annnnd having our first event (tap pic above for fb event page) an artist talk and book signing with photographer Clay Maxwell Jordan. Free and open to the public - hope to see you there!


I've been using space on the first floor to make a whole bunch of new work, mostly paintings, but I do sometimes venture into the 3rd dimension. It's been quite a while since I've had the time and space to make a new pile of work, so I'm very excited about the new ideas and colors and lines that are emerging in the stuff I've been producing. I also started a little wild plant nursery here in the studio, specimens from which are currently on display as part of my Dirt Palace Window installation. Go check out the window, and also come to my talk on April 7th!
Upcoming Exhibition: I'm excited to be part of a show coming up this June with 
Lisa Sanditz and Lisa Corinne Davis atReal Estate Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Opening Date TBD!
I'm working on a website for my work, but in the meantime, I post things I'm making over at Instagram. Tap my pic/name above to go there! 


Working on a short film that takes cues from phantasmagoric projections of luxury embodied in vintage perfume advertisements. "We gather a new selection of relics wrapped in lush, relational fabrics. The intent is to adorn reality. Once crystallized, we approach with grandeur. A soft boutique."

Major thanks to Noraa for organizing all of this past weekend's TDOV events, including the rad TDOV fundraiser dance party at D.P.!

Greta has been mostly hoping everyone’s doing as okay as they can. Good omens: saw a crocus that’d pushed up a dry leaf to wear as a hat. Saw these four seagulls on the roof each with a bagel.
Here are some drawings made with No Glykon

Email gretron at gmail if you’d like a postcard (eventually)


Maia and I gave an artist talk about Look at Art. Get Paid. at the ICA Philadelphia, see video here.

We also had the chance to lead a workshop for 40 educators participating in the National Art Education Association's annual pre-conference for museum educators, hosted this year at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

We were granted our request to host the workshop at the MFA's Trustee's Room, the room where most high level decisions have been made about the museum's direction since 2010 when the board meetings moved to the new wing. We invited educators to break down into groups of four and design a ten minute workshop designed for fellow educators that used the room as an object or gallery to teach from, with particular attention to making room for ways of knowing typically marginalized within elite institutional spaces.

One of the workshops had participants figure new ways to use chair that subverted the room's script. Another invited participants to open every drawer or door within the board room. One asked participants to go out into the galleries and ask a museum visitor what they thought the Trustee's Room would look like, then invite them back to check their guess. 

Maia taking a call after the workshop, lying on the boardroom table. She was up till 4:00am the night before writing a grant in the bathtub of our Boston Airbnb.

Workshop designed in consultation with MJ Robinson.


Pentamerous Glossolalia - A 5 song, tri-lateral split between Manchester UK based artist CROWW, NINE ORIFICES (collaborative project of RECTRIX and Fortress Crookedjaw) and Black Mecha - just released on Internal Masonry!!!

So blown away by the printing of these new Bonedust shirts by Forrest Passage Printing! They'll be available as part of a lathe, tape bundle for the Fruit of the Ash album on Annihilvs.


Half in summer (bare legs) half in winter (a zipped up parka with a hood). X is so ready to spend days at the ocean and time with (animal) friends. She started teaching a class at RISD. Extra hours are mostly in service to slide lectures about posters. Feeling good about passing on weird screenprinting tricks learned over long years of just figuring it out. Longing for days when new posters would manifest on electrical boxes in the middle of the night, but trying not to give into temptations of the poison romance of nostalgia. Listening to so many audiobooks while covered in plaster dust at the Weed Cake House. Always ready to talk about books. Always ready to talk. All love to all those walking through grief. All love to those holding friends tightly.

venus in blue jeans//venus in furs/// forward to a friend