Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is it corn? Is it candy? Or is it CaNdYcOrN?


This month we are focusing on purity. In our thoughts, etc.

Think of it like a COOL Catholic nunnery.
Hey Folks, we can all agree that popularity contests are lame


The Dirt Palace Facade Project in partnership with Rhode Island Citizens for the Arts and Olneyville Housing Corporation has been nominated by the InnOVATION Program (A collaboration of the OVATION television network and Americans for the arts) to win the $15,000 the Viewer's Choice Award!!!!!! There are 64 nominations from all over the country and the one with the most votes will win.

VOTE HERE!!! to support the Dirt Palace Facade Project.

To get to the voting you must first "like" Ovation at this link through Facebook.  There are 64 finalists, so scroll through until you see THE DIRT PALACE FACADE and click on the vote tab underneath this photo

To learn more about the project click here www.pippizornoza.com

It would be so amazing to win this award!!! This could solidify the final funding needed to complete the project and prevent hitting you up with a Kickstarter campaign in the future!!

Thank you for voting!!!!!


August - Kimi Rich

Kimi Rich is a self taught multimedia artist from Newport R.I. Taking inspiration from her bizarre travels and odd day dreams, most of her work focuses on the darker nature of reality with a hint of magic

September - Joseph Skorupa & Melody Tuttle from the 'Owls to Athens' artists collective

The September 2012 Dirt Palace Window installation was designed & installed by Joseph Skorupa & Melody Tuttle from the 'Owls to Athens' artists collective. The design is inspired by the artwork of John Bauer, a Swedish illustrator (1882-1918), known for his ethereal pieces depicting various culture's mythological creatures. The installation is a direct reference to the piece 'Tyr and Fenrir' (Bauer 1911) in which the Norse god Tyr, known for his honesty & courage, sacrifices his hand to a monstrous wolf (Fenrir). Tyr's act of bravery allowed the remaining Norse gods to bind the wolf until the end of days, essentially creating a way for life to continue.

The installation works off this same idea, with variations and detailing to have it represent the city of Providence in it's aesthetic, as well as re-envisioning the tale to act as a metaphor for artistic sacrifice. The artist figure (by Melody Tuttle) became female to show respects to The Dirt Palace and it's strong artistic/cultural influence on the city. The Wolf (by Joseph Skorupa) became scaled down yet remains vicious, as the various things we may sacrifice are often difficult but rarely our end of days. The dreamcatcher (by Emma Boyd) acts as a full Moon, the time when 'magic' is most potent - this stands for an artists' passion and drive.

Melody Tuttle is a 2011 graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, currently working and residing in Providence. Her current body of work investigates relationships of medium, composition and space, focusing on themes of transposition and portraiture.

Joseph Skorupa is a 2005 graduate of The University of Rhode Island and is the founder of the Owls to Athens artist collective & design group. His current body of work includes curatorial endeavors, landscape architecture & Fine arts/design - with a focus on illustration/typography, stencil work and mural painting.



Xander is working a new performance piece with Ric Royer (and with the sounds of G Lucas Crane and some cameos by Richard Goulis). It is titled "The FĂȘte of Mistakes; The 2012th annual Sublimated Sideshow of Everyday Brutality and Sweets". Quick plot synopsis = Two entertainers in the annual agricultural festival, The FĂȘte of Mistakes, decide they no longer want to exhibit themselves for a living, so they go into the Zeppole business together, which they hope ultimately leads them to Vegas. SOMETHING TERRIBLE THEN HAPPENS. It takes place October 27th and 28th at 8pm, Empire Black Box, 95 Empire St, $5.

Also check out this new video with old footage compiled to the noises Vvltvre. TRICK OR TREAT!!


Muffy has been screen printing tops and leggings for the upcoming holiday season and listing new colors and designs on her Etsy www.etsy.com/shop/muffybrandt

She took a break from printing clothes to screen print the poster for the upcoming Magic Lantern Cinema film screenings "Terror and the Inhuman."  Screening at the Cable Car on October 26th at 9pm.

She's been nagging everyone at the DP to give her things they have made to post on the Dirt Palace Etsy.  Check out new items from Michelle and Halloweenie treats from Xander:www.etsy.com/shop/dirtpalace

Stay tuned, Muffy is coordinating a special surprise item made by everyone at the DP in time for the holidays.

K bye


Olivia is currently destroying their drawing arm, one (massive pumpkin} at a time.


Jieun Reiner fortune cookie of the month sez: October is the best and most lucky month of the year, so let's all be psyched about it.

Jieun is psyched for a bunch o' things, including October, two BRAND NEW babe prairie dogs*, sharp air, new projects, warm stuff, etc.

She is currently taking a wax casting jewelry class (with the highly esteemed Muffy Brandt) and is hoping to have something up and running this time next month. Look forward to it!

Photo of recent piece exhibited last month at Soho20.
Object Derived From Dreaming No. 1 (Snake Books) -- hopefully, objects 2 - 20 to come "soon" ...

*Names still tentatively undecided, open to suggestions. Poll: Should they be named after the first spiders in space? Send opinions and ideas to dearjieun at gmail dot com.


Hey woh! September almost turned J.R. Uretsky into an anxiety - constipated Oreo Sandwich.

Quick Recap:
Lady Cub played their first show!

The DP performed at Soho 20!

When J.R. Uretsky isn't carving pumpkins, or paying her rent late, or doing everything stated in the following song to her roommates:http://youtu.be/PgEAAGiifDM . . . She's been performing her Women I've Known, Biblically series at Rabbit Hole Studio in NYC.
 Check out the video of Uretsky's performance HERE!

With raving reviews like, "woh, you're a real weirdo," or silence Uretsky plans to ride these performances into a full blown mental breakdown!

She has upcoming performances in Connecticut and maybe right here in Providence. Who knows?!


Michelle, formerly full of explosive physical energy, has recently shriveled into a shadow of her previous vitality.

The reason for this being the 8+ hours daily she's been spending at her desk drawing and photoshopping new things into existence (Sci-Fi Fruit Punx calendar! BabyTown NewsLetter zine #1! Fantasy Party silkscreen!) for the Brooklyn Comics and Graphic Arts Festival next month.

The other reason being the oncoming cold months result in sloth like movement, both night and day, only interrupted with crying, screaming, and sleeping under all the blankets with all the clothes on.



This one comes from a book called "Carpenter Gothic: 19th Century Ornamented Houses of New England."
The above house is called "The Wedding Cake House." Pretty sweet!

In an effort to share our cool stuff and acquire more cool stuff we would like to throw out this request!

If you send us something rockin' we'll send you a thank you note and feature your creation or find in our newsletter.

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