Saturday, December 29, 2012

Only 2 more days to vote for the Dirt Palace Facade in the Ovation Viewer's Choice award!

The link to vote is  HERE! .
To get to the voting you must first "like" Ovation at this link through Facebook.  There are 64 finalists, so scroll through until you see THE DIRT PALACE FACADE and click on the vote tab underneath.  You can vote as many times as you like as long as you refresh your browser.  I've found that people have problems with the link on their mobile device. Another way to vote would be to go on and once there click on InnOVATION Grant.  You first have to "like" Ovation TV. _________________________________________________________________________________
The Dirt Palace Facade Project in partnership with Rhode Island Citizens for the Arts and Olneyville Housing Corporation has been nominated by the InnOVATION Program (A collaboration of the OVATION television network and Americans for the arts) to win the $15,000 the Viewer's Choice Award! There are 64 nominations from all over the country, and the one with the most votes will win.  The Dirt Palace Facade Project is a public art piece conceived by local artist and Dirt Palace co-founder Pippi Zornoza.  This expansive 14 ft by 40 ft stone pebble and glass tile mosaic is to be installed in the Olneyville neighborhood in Providence RI in 2013.
If you're interested in learning more about the project visit the artist Pippi Zornoza's website HERE

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Meet me at the (L)ICE TROLL hole!

Gathering the courage for 2013!



The Dirt Palace is honored and excited to have been awarded the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Seed Grant!!!
The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation has identified 20 ground- breaking small arts organizations to receive grant awards in 5 key geographies: Atlanta, Detroit, New Orleans, Portland and Providence. The  Foundation asked for nominations from local cultural leaders such as Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, MCA Detroit, Ashe Cultural Center, Arts Council of New Orleans, Regional Arts & Culture Council of Portland, AS220 and the RRF Board members. Other Providence Art Organizations to receive the  Seed Grant are  RK PROJECTS,Magic Lantern Cinema, & The Avenue Concept. This is a great opportunity and we are excited for the possibilities that it represents!

For more information about the grant or the foundation please
Or follow them on: Facebook Tumblr Pinterest


November window artist: Gyna Bootleg

"I Am It and It Is Me (the dirt beneath my nails)"

"a mixed media realization of a dream state brought on
by mania meant to be interpreted by the third eye.
the result of looking at the reflection in the back of a



We invite you, our friends, to 2 low-key open studio dates to peruse our flat files and buy prints, posters, hand silkscreened leggings/crop tops/onesies, patches, zines, comics, and postcards.

Saturday, December 8, 2-7pm
Saturday, December 22, 2-7pm

call/txt Xander to enter: 401.654.7218



Speaking of finding more lovely handmade gifts, we are collaborating together on releasing a year-long subscription silkscreened tea towel set! The details are below, and you can buy it HERE at our Dirt Palace Etsy shop.

Each of the 7 artists of the Dirt Palace is designing and silk screening a kitchen tea towel.

When you purchase this listing you will get 7 kitchen tea towels. The first will be sent out mid- December in time for the Holidays, and the next 6 will be sent out, one every other month for all of 2013!

Each tea towel is printed with professional fabric silk screen.

We chose 100% Cotton flour sack towels, 19"x23" with serged edges.

We are using a shared palate so the set of towels compliments each other, while reflecting our own styles and designs.

The first one is in the works, designed by artist Pippi Zornoza.
She is inspired by traditional red on white embroidery, called red work.
Pippi is finishing up the design on an intricate drawing printed in rich red fabric silk screen ink.



Pippi Zornoza's Dirt Palace Facade was nominated by the OVATION television network and Americans for the Arts to win a $15,000 Viewers Choice Award. There are 64 nominations and the project with the most votes by December 31st will win.

You can vote as many times as you like.

Help Pippi win this award by voting HERE AND reposting on your facebook page!!!!!

You first have to "like" Ovation. Then scroll through the nominations till you see Dirt Palace Facade!

Vote often! This link doesn't work on mobile devices.

No really, help Pippi by reposting about the award! Voting time is running out!!!! Help make this project a reality!!
For more information, visit

In other news, the now defunct Worms in Women and Cattle has just finished up their final full length recording.

Listen to it on Soundcloud



Muffy has been dyeing and printing her brains out.

She has made lots of new leggings and tops, and is excited to have kids
leggings too!

You can find her work online at
Enter coupon code DIRTPALACE for free US shipping.
There are excellent holographic gift wrap options for FREE!

She's thrilled to be a part of Craftland in Downtown Providence this
holiday season.

She is vending at 2 awesome holiday sales this month.

Come support New Urban Arts on December 15 at Cardboard Pancakes annual
holiday sale!

And on December 16th she will be in the Boston Bazaar Bizare at the
cyclorama from 11am-6pm.  She's employing the charms of Jieun Reiner and JR
Uretsky, hoping to obliterate school debt!  Muffy was the featured
interview on the BBB website:

While printing Muffy has listened to lots of Radio Lab, Arnold
Schwarzenegger's autobiography Total Recall, Joan Rivers I Hate
Everyone starting with Me, Sarah Silverman's The Bedwetter, Tina Fey
Bossypants, Greg Allman My Cross to Bear and so much NPR.

This will explain her oddity when you see her in public.

The holidays can be rough, best wishes to everyone to stay head above water.



Olivia has been dealing with winter by dressing in all sequins and hiding, troll-like, in the shadowiest corners of their room.

You may be able to catch a rare glimpse of them by leaving a carton of seasonal mint-chocolate non-dairy milk by your doorstep on a moonless night.
Also they will be tabling at winter time studio sale Cardboard Pancakes at New Urban Arts (705 Westminster,) 11am-4pm on both Saturday December 15th & Sunday December 16th, as well as at the DP open studios.

Wishing y'all well in this cataclysmic or transformative or maybe uneventful month!!!!!



Jieun has been carving wax, going to the library, gearing up for winter. Much in progress!

Here is a belated picture of her halloween costume (volcano)

and a current one of her mineral collection.

Think of them as a diptych: "Being Cool/Fun in the Night, Pts. 1 and 2"



J.R. Uretsky is fighting seasonal depression the Over-Worked-Negligent-Parent-Way!

But who cares if your hair is falling out and your poop has a milky consistency?WHO CARES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING FUN?!

Speaking of fun:

J.R.'s insanely adorable students are the Dirt Palace window artists this month ...

Also, This Tuesday December 4th J.R. is performing The Book of Rachael from her Women I've Known, Biblically series at Empire Black Box. 8 pm @ 95 Empire, PVD. She is excited to be performing with Chris Fritton and Ric Royer who also seem to have some religious baggage.

Finally, J.R. Uretsky is pleased to announce that she is the current artist/ blogger in residence at Big Red & Shiny's blogazine, Our Daily Red a venue for a dynamic and direct conversation about art and artist. J.R. is December's artist in residence on Big Red & Shiny's blog series, Inside Out.

Check it out here!



Xander was 100% nose to the grindstone on freelance projects for the month of November, but luckily these projects involved bikes, glitter, and fantasy hockey, so actually they were 100% fun!! (Dream come true jobs!!) Check out this videoabout Recycle-A-Bike (awesome community biking not for profit!)



Feeling trapt in a "knees to chest" pose and maintaing a constant lock jaw shiver by fucking Father Winter makes it hard to draw, but DON'T WORRY, it's only going to get worse because she is flying back to her homeland (Wisconsin and Chicago) for 2.5 weeks later this month where it's even cooo000000oooolder! 

She will also be selling zines, prints, patches, and 2013 calendars at Cardboard Pancakes at New Urban Arts (705 Westminster) from 11am-4pm on both Saturday, December 15th & Sunday, December 16th, as well as at the DP open studios!




This comic book, Diva Grafix and Stories was published by Starhead Comix in 1993, and I found comics by people I already knew and loved AND TOTALLY NEW (to me) artists to add to the love list. Always a great feeling!

The above is an excerpt from a comic by Fiona Smyth. It reminded me of dense ink work like the one-and-only Julie Doucet!

The above is a spread by Dame Darcy!

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