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April Digest



Conner 1998 - 2013

Longest living resident of the Dirt Palace, Conner the cat, passed away April 3, 2013.
She will be sorely missed



To all the people at a crossroads seeking a change of space this coming summer!

Do you want to live in a rare place where everyone around you is incredibly supportive and will say nice things to you all the time? The kind of dreamy place where people from the harsh outside are baffled/creeped out by the good vibes radiating from within this brick/crystal fortress?

The Dirt Palace includes facilities for silkscreen, animation, woodshop, bandroom, grand ballroom, library, and office space. Also, you can stare out the window into chaotic Olneyville Square while eating breakfast and get lost in the melodies of 3 jock prairie dogs working out on their noisey wheel. Let me tell you it really boosts your motivation to work on stuff seeing these little guys do what they do best.

We have one lovely, perverted cat resident but no more please!

If this has piqued your interest maybe you should apply to reside at the Dirt Palace? There are actually several openings coming up. One is a full time residence beginning June 1st, however available as early as May 1st. There are also a few sublet opportunities available.

Email us @ dirt palace (at) yahoo (dot) com so we can get in touch with you in order to set up an interview!

NOTE: "Niceness" results may vary! Discretion is advised! ^_^


Shivering/Sweltering Shelves!

IMOGEN BINNIE plus special guest!!

Occasional reading/screening series with probable dessert eating. We are very happy to invite you over!
April 28th promptly at 8pm. total program including snacks = just over an hour so please come fashionably on time!

We are thrilled to be hosting Imogen Binnie on a leg of her book tour for her new book, NEVADA!
Imogen Binnie is the author of the zines The Fact That It’s Funny Doesn’t Make It A Joke and Stereotype Threat. Additionally, her work has been anthologized in Topside Press's 2012 anthology of transgender fiction The Collection. She is currently a monthly columnist in Maximum Rocknroll and has previously written for Aorta Magazine, The Skinny and PrettyQueer.com. She lives with her girlfriend in Eugene, Oregon and writes about books at keepyourbridgesburning.com. Nevada is her first novel.



This March's Window installation was by Mike "Knives" Guadagni.
Mike Knives
Rhode Island native
Lives and works in Olneyville

This April window artist is Genesis Crespo originally from Queens, NY, now residing in Philadelphia.

The Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery is seeking proposals for our summer/fall exhibitions.
For more information contact dirtpalace at yahoo dot com



Xander is still freewheeling and freelancing and loving it except for those times when she sets herself up for days of stress and nights of well, stress.  For said occasional bouts of angst she has fabricated the following garment to publically display the loathing she feels towards her cruel boss.  In the case that you or someone you love might occasionally need one you can order HERE 

In other news, after a period of silence, Xander is on a veritable talking tour.  She was on a panel at Monserrat College in Beverly last week, heads to Bard tomorrow, and next week; back in Providence and is going to keep flexing her power point muscles and give a short talk about posters as an introduction to a feature documentary about “gig posters” called “Just Like Being There”.  It’s presented by the RI AIGA and is TODAY, April 9th, at 6pm at 95 Empire/AS220 Black Box. Here is the face book invite.
She’s not exactly sure of what she’s going to say, but has a premonition that it will be filled with nostalgia for the days of Kinkos on Angel street at 3 am.

Her new line of screen printed hand puppets are still for sale with the good people at Cinders.



J.R. Uretsky by Jeremy Otters

Oh um hey everybody, you don't know me but I would very much like to know you. My name is Jeremy Otters and I'm a middle school biology teacher. I'm also best friends with J.R. Uretsky and think that she's super great and feel super honored to be the guest writer for her section of the digest because she's super busy and said I could write whatever I wanted.

J.R. just got back from visiting her hometown in California, which coincidentally is where the majestic humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) passes through on its winter migration to warmer waters and it's coincidental because J.R. is also a majestic beast who isn't too fond of the cold.

While at home J.R. ignored her family to make a podcast and shoot a video. Here's a sneak peak!

OMG Mommy Uretsky is the cutest!!!

Speaking of sneak peaks J.R. and her collaborator Kayo were included in the final issue of ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art.

The newest issue is titled A Good Place To Stop and will be available to purchase soon. This is almost as exciting as a mammal's four chambered heart.

Because we're best friends I'm going to promote a thing I am doing on April 13th and I think you should check it out because I am really excited and because dance is a really healthy way to have fun and express yourself.

Micah Jackson presents:
Embarrassingly Ernest
Dance Party + Floor Show for Queers + Allies

Hosted by Jeremy Otters (that's me)

Performances by:
Gloria Gardenburger
and more!

DJ Sets by:
lynx pearl hovercraft
Mr. Morris
Micah Jackson


Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/157349584425975/

Wow, thanks everybody. You are the best at listening and reading.

-Jeremy Otters



Spring is here so you can smile while you ride your bike instead of having your jaw frozen shut by the snow! This illustration Mimi made for Recycle-A-Bike here in Providence was turned into a vinyl sticker and now greets you on your way in to fix or buy a bike!

animated gifs, soon-to-be comics, devil babies, apple cider vinegar, it's actually sort of getting warm finally yay!, collecting knock-off famous cartoon characters (donations welcome! email me!), mochi ice cream, rainbow gradient obsession...

play in the sandbox @ http://www.gingerpocket.tumblr.com

P.S. Look down below at Muffy Brandt's update for documentation of Mimi and Muffy's first collaboration as graffiti artists! Acid yoga dolphin busting through brick walls in the middle of the chakra ocean! "Dance, sing, floss, and travel" they told us!



Olneyville Housing Corporation  has received support for the Dirt Palace Olneyville Square Facade with a grant from the Rhode Island Foundation
This project seeks to bring the vibrancy and vision of the interior of the Dirt Palace to the street side facade through an expansive 15 x 40 foot stone mosaic. It is slated for completion this fall.

Pippi will be attending the SVA Art Practice MFA program beginning this summer.
She's looking for a place to live/sublet in NYC June 20 - August 6
Contact her at dirtpalace at yahoo dot com if you have any leads.
Because her studio at the Dirt Palace will be vacant for that time - there is also a Dirt Palace studio sublet available.
Contact the DP if you're interested




Jieun is at the end & in the final stages of many things, including waiting for her tulips to grow, her long-developing jewelry line, and no longer being cold.

In progress shot of some soon to be finished pieces in a pre-clean up, rough state:

Other than that she has been walking around in a blissful cloud composed of sunlight and anticipation of spring!!!!!



Muffy has been a printing machine.

She was recently contacted by a wrestler in California to make custom ring gear for his new cyber themed wrestling persona!
It was an awesome project and led to perfecting printing on swimsuit material!

She also just wrapped up an order of printed bags for Paper Nautilus (Formerly Myopic Books) in Wayland Sq.

She loves doing custom print work on fabric and paper.
You should hire her to do anything from posters and t shirts to weird fantasy costumes.
She'll do the design too if you want!

Late to join the century, Muffy just started a blog: www.blooddivine.tumblr.com
Check it out and send her pics of you wearing clothes she made!

Also, now through April 15th Muffy has a choose your own sale site wide on her Etsywww.muffybrandt.etsy.com
There's 2 sale options:
Choose between entering code FREESHIPPING (within the US), or HEART2HEART for 10% off, good on sale items too!.

You can also buy her leggings and tops at the RISD Alumni Sale Saturday May 4th from 10 am to 4pm on Benefit St.

While doing all this printing she listened to a lot of audiobooks, including John Ronson's "The Psychopath Test" and Andrew Solomn's "Far From the Tree," they were pretty amazing and highly recommended listening.

Mimi and Muffy just wrapped up a collaborative gig spray painting a panel for a yoga bloggers event, true!
They made some demented pink rainbow dolphin shattering a brick wall complete with the chakras and other colorful elements.  !!!! Maybe its the fumes, but they're pretty pumped about it!



Olivia is stoked on spring and the following things- pastel plants, babes w muscles, deanna troi, holographic stickers, purgatory chasms, (rainbow rolls), big shoulders, espresso over ice, supervising a suburban teen anime club for $$$, pulp fantasy novels, driving their grandmother's old car with the light rock station blaring and happy crying to fleetwood mac in traffic :,)

Olivia will be at ZINEFEAST in Purchase and CAKE in Chicago with Mimi Chrzanowski! Come say hay <3 <3 <3




Found what looks like a super cute comic/activity/toy magazine for elementary school kids in Japan!
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

mimi chrzanowski presents GIF DAZE on the dirt palace bloggie! a weekly illustrated, moving gif(t) to the internet ppl. i started posting these on my tumblr weeks ago and shall start posting them here as of now!