Sunday, November 22, 2009

dirt palace cookbook!

hhaayyy we had a bunch, it was great thanks for coming!!
if you wanna experience the deepest cooking experience known to man you can buy this zine about cooking which was made many moooonnsss ago! it's $10 + $4s&h us, can, mexico, s.america & all the $$$ goes to the space. we have exciting dual cover options but you don't get to pick unless you REALLY have a preference, and also most books contain a sexy 2-color screenprint centerfold that i think xander probably made*. yea so do it!!! email if you live international and want one!

*EDIT actually we sold all those pretty much, and i don't want to false advertise! everyone who ordered already got a screenprint centerfold, but from this point forward, don't expect one with the cookbook (although it might still happen by freak accident). sorry!!!!!

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