Monday, May 24, 2010

MAY window artist: ALEE PEOPLES

Alee Peoples plays with image and text recognition in fabric, film and drawing. Group alignment, dormant memory, media dissemination and visual cognition are common threads in her work that sometimes get screen printed, embroidered, hoisted up a flag pole or projected on a wall at 24 frames per second. For her month in the Dirt Palace window, the space becomes a chronological billboard changing every 10 days. Stay tuned in to glimpse this 1982 hit reach #2 on the R&B charts. Or don't bring your own left field associations to the message.
This spring listen to more LiLiPUT, Quincy Jones, Nina Simone and Roy Ayers while you slurp your Slurpee and stare into the sun.

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dirt palace window

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