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July Digest



July's Window installation was by Rachel Blumberg

Rachel Blumberg is a visual artist, film maker, and musician/composer. As a visual artist she makes paintings, drawings, found object pieces and other work inspired by dream land, folklore, history, nature, and people's stories. She shows her work regularly as well as creating many commissioned works.  As a film maker she creates stop motion animated shorts and music videos, including a recent music video for the New York based band Nada Surf (Barsuk Records).   As a musician she has played, recorded, and toured with many widely acclaimed artists including The Decemberists, M. Ward, Bright Eyes,  She and Him, Tara Jane O'Neil, Jolie Holland, Mirah,  Michael Hurley and many more. She recently relocated from her native home of Portland, Oregon to Providence, Rhode Island.  Rachel is currently working on paintings and films that explore our notions of home, what defines home, the decline and death of bees, inside/outside perspective issues, and other themes.  Musically she is playing shows with her own projects, Arch Cape and Manzanita, as well as with Death Vessel and  will be touring with the band Califone in the fall. She has several film projects stuck in her noggin that hope to get unstuck. She also likes gardening and teaching drums and art to creative young humans.

She writes about her installation:
"I've been experimenting with different ways to present narratives to people with painting, to explain stories and history, fact and fiction. Several themes have been repeating lately, one which is based on dreams of the after life, and one which is a recurring image of a character i call The Beekeeper, which is based on the death and decline of bees, which is related to the dreams of the after life.  After visiting the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles, CA I was inspired to come up with a way to present stories as archeological artifacts, and started putting images into tiny circles, reminiscent of looking through a telescope in order to see a slice of something played out telescopically and also magnified, something far away, and long ago. These are the paintings I am showing as well as a few based on ancient Jewish fairy tales, another world I've been exploring.  I am really happy to be showing work at the wonderous amazing Dirt Palace!"

But what of the June window?

June's Window installation was by the Sophia Academy 
"Founded in 2001 by the legendary Sr. Mary Reilly, Sophia Academy is the only independent middle school in Providence that provides a gender specific, holistic educational experience that focuses on the intellectual and emotional growth of its students and families. Sophia offers girls facing economic inequities an empowering educational program in a vibrant community where they learn to live and lead their lives as confident, compassionate young women." - Gigi DiBello, Head of School

In this installation for the Dirt Palace window, the students of Sophia Academy wanted to visually depict their school culture by modernizing the goddess of wisdom, Sophia, into versions of a superhero flying over the city of Providence. Each student participated in the brainstorming, planning, and execution of the project- reflecting their spirit of collaboration and community. 
To learn more about Sophia Academy, please visit sophia-academy.org
As a new day begins
I will keep my head held high
I will open my eyes and heart
So I'm ready to expand my mind
I will let my wisdom shine
I will hold on to the gifts inside of me
Our arms are like a dove's wings
Hugging the world's every opportunity 
I will join hands with my sisters
In this community with
Courage, Respect, Responsibility and Peace
We know we will succeed

The Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery is seeking proposals for our summer/fall exhibitions.
For more information contact dirtpalace at yahoo dot com



Having one of those summers where everything seems creepily too perfect. Cherries, waist high basil plants in July, swimming and still managing to get stuff done:

*Solo show: "FootApple Parade" up for a little bit longer at the Craftland Gallery (Through the 20th!). Or ok...if you're not going to make it down there, you can read Greg Cook's reviewhere. 
* Got back from living at PS1 in NY ecstatic and bruised (from climbing in and out of the window in the middle of the night). Had the total magical luck to get to spend a week living with new and old friends hand processing 16mm b&w reversal film in the museum basement at the "Colony of Light" as part of the colony module at the EXPO1
* Working on a million things for Foo Fest, where I'm the artist in residence this year. (Dream come true!)



J.R. Uretsky will showcase her newest video and performance work titled, Bromance (an exploration of American masculinity through performing objects and video) at the RISD Museum’s Locally Made exhibition on July 18th ... 6:30 pm (come early to get a good seat!) at the Lower Farago Gallery. The whole event is free and so much cool stuff is happening!  

Also! Uretsky will be discussing Bromance on a masculinities and creative practices panel on Saturday, July 27, 2013 from 2-3pm. Other panelists include Thomas Page McBeeMary WilsonJason Tranchida and Matthew Lawrence.

What cute gal made that poster?????

Speaking of cuteness and posters. J.R.'s artist assistant Noel is fundraising for college!!! Check out Noel's fundraiser .... or go to a brunch or maybe even kick them a few $$$ for this awesome print ...



oh me, oh my, oh Mimi????????

has re-stocked her shop with brand new stickers!

as well as the 2nd edition of babytown newsletter #2!

and made a poster in the spirit of cataloguing for a library in st. paul, minnesota!

and has been watching cartoons about mermaids which lead to funny gif-daze!

sweaty summer!



Pippi Zornoza is in NYC getting her MFA as a participant in SVA's Art Practice Program
She'll be back in Providence mid August to continue with the Dirt Palace Facade.



Jieun Reiner has had some unfortunate technical difficulties but is working thru them. In the mean time she is still 'working on stuff', 'going for the gold', and she's about to try her hand at teaching for the first time-- case-bound bookbinding at As220.



Muffy has been wrapping up her contribution to the Dirt Palace tea towel subscription series,check it out on the DP Etsy, there is a Providence pick up option with free shipping:

She is so pumped about her new additions to her online shop, including summer finery printed with classic composition school notebook designs!

See all her hand printed clothes at www.muffybrandt.etsy.com

You can follow her tumblr at www.blooddivine.tumblr.com, and her scatological rants on twitter @muchfuhc

throw this gif in your browser for full effect!


Alison Nitkiewicz


After her college graduation and a few weeks of sleeping in an SUV, at friends' parents' houses and in a room she is helping build, Alison is thrilled to call the Dirt Palace home.  
She is working on a show which opens in early September at 186 Carpenter St with friend and partner Julia Moses.  This a sort of follow-up to the show they did together last October.  More info about the opening coming soon! 
She also updated her website with pictures of her RISD Printmaking degree project and complete thesis writing/book. Check it out!

In the spirit of having a new lease on life, she has dyed a portion of her hair black. 
Alison is currently reading craigslist job listings, and about Angry Women, lighting design, and The Occult.

Thea Ulrich

Thea Ulrich has been spending all of her weekends at weddings recently....so to spice it up she has been wrapping up all of the gifts in canvas and sewing them shut.

She also has been working with a female pilot (who is part of the 99's) to design and fabricate textiles and dresses out of her images that she takes while flying across the country. Check out some designs!

She also has been blowing up a lot of balloons while working with artist Janice Lee Kelley...check in soon for some collaborative performance work! (Big apple circus may be involved...)


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