Tuesday, August 20, 2013

June Digest


Dirt Palace Teamed up with members of Recycle-A-Bike during the neighborhood cleanup Olneyville Shines organized by the Olneyville Housing Corporation!!! Go TEAM!!!


May's window installation was Austin Julian!!!!

"In my visual work I have always been striving to physically convey a kind of Kinetic unstable energy that I feel exists within the technological environment that society is in. I try and bring about these abstractions that result from this energy through visual, sonic and moving medium. I try and bring this mode of working to all aspects of a piece, from the actual detritus of the material I use, to the treatment of structure, gesture, and form. This feeling instability is important for my process because through it two different situations come about. On one hand, I try to create large, jagged, overpowering gestures, be it in sculptural or time based medium. On the other hand, these same structures are falling apart in the same gesture. I am attracted to the aesthetic that is created by this dichotomy between rhythm, structure and total collapse, and strive to keep the viewer in a limbo between those two feelings.
In my pieces, I use this method of conveyance as an outline, or frame, to hold the thematic content of my pieces. I draw from concepts in science fiction, time travel and physics theory, history, conspiracy, and new media language as influences to create themes to place within this framework. These kinds of influences have always shaped my view of the world and evoked the feelings of anguish, frustration, conflict, and human error in me that I try to bring out in the art I make. I want an audience to be able to find these feelings that exist in all our day-to-day lives through my work, and confront the ugly instability that is our condition as humans. I feel that it is important as an artist to acknowledge and react to the realities that exist in their contemporary situation. I want to do this through the dirt and noise that covers all other ideas.
In this piece, "Quantum Bog Mummy Relief Map,” I am trying to execute this instability through the physical warping of the cross section of a bog mummy. this piece is representative as a bog mummy cut and stretched through fractures in it’s space. I treated the materials to represent these fractures, being organic and mechanical and jagged at the same time. my main goal with this was to emote an existential feeling of particle alienation, abstraction, and kinetic flow."

More of Austin here!

Thea Ulrich

Thea Ulrich is psyched to have just moved into the Dirt Palace! She is a sculptor, painter, multi-media installation/performance/video artist who spends her days trying to figure out what exactly that means, while also starting and running an online store called U.R. Unlimited. Check out her art, videos, and U.R. Unlimited respectively, at: 


The Foot Apple Parade is an annual event that I learned of from the legendary San Francisco co(n)median team Coil and Sharpe.  The "Foot Apple", as their would suggest, is a variety of apple that grows with legs dangling beneath their cores. The apples for some reason can not ripen in the same location where they grow, so they march in great herds to get to the place where the sun will coax them into their rightful maturity.  Along the way they stop at a bar, which is actually a worm saloon run by snakes, or possibly worms dressed up like snakes. It’s difficult to say.   And suddenly we are in the Garden of Eden, except for that the sin is not original, but rather cheep imitation, and the trunk of the tree of knowledge is not bark covered and made of wood, but actually fleshy legs leading up to a blemished ass and made of paper mache and time has been made to run in all kinds of cockamamie directions.  

Come see the Foot Apples! Thursday June 20th 5-8 Craftland Gallery 235 Westminster St


J.R. has been busy drinking coffee and shooting videos for an upcoming performance in July.

When she is not crying dusty piles of what once were tears into her coffee and then lapping them up again for nourishment she is installing sculptures and shooting videos in curators bathtubs! Take that impenetrable art market! 

More on what J.R.'s working on here!


Mimi is taking a quick break from the east coast to exhibit at the Chicago Alt Comics Expo and visit family in the midwest but will be back at it in Providence in a week to go to the beach on rainy days! Keep checking out GIF-DAZE on  her tumblr  posted once a week on Thursday or Friday!


The Dirt Palace Facade project is going forward as scheduled.  Installation is planned for the fall of this year!
To find more information on the project here

Wold has announced performing at the Hopscotch festival in Raleigh, North Carolina this September.  Information about the festival here
And finally, Pippi will be in NYC for 2 months beginning her participation in the SVA Art Practice MFA program this summer


Alright everyone, it's been a long time coming. This is the last update that will say some arrangement of "Jieun has been working on the same thing as last month and it's almost ready!" But for now: Jieun has been working on the same thing as last month and it's almost ready! 

Seriously, it is almost ready. Pictured below is a sneak peak of one prototype that is hopefully being made into a mold in this very instant. 


Muffy has been a printinf machine, getting reasy for the Bizzare Bazar Union Madd craft sale this Sunday, June 23 in Boston.
Check her online shop for new items soon: www.muffybrandt.etsy.com
On Friday Muffy and Mandy debut a comedy video!
Where? Ask on Twitter @muckfuhc


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