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presents "Pizza World"- A dead body's journey through alternate realities stuffed with paranoia,
existential crisis and pizza, by the artists of RHD's Cool Collective.
The Cool Collective is happy, strange people fearlessly traversing the outer realm of
creativity, consciousness and all your favorite breakfast foods. We are experimental artists
and musicians hell bent on having fun and assembling drawings, dreams, sounds, cats, pizza
and nightmares into weird realities.
The Cool Collective consists of members of Resources for Human Development Rhode
Island (RHD-RI). RHD-RI is a non-profit arts-based studio program that serves adults with
a range of disabilities. We provide therapy, education and artist management services
with a focus on production and community integration. We also organize monthly gallery
and performance events and our artists show their work around the country. At RHD-RI, we believe
creative expression breaks down barriers between people with and without
disabilities and provides our participants with a sense of identity within their community.
Get connected to the weird, wonderful and outside. Like us! Facebook Keyword: RHD-RI

We die a little bit each time we bid somebody adieu, but the pain of this miniature death is appeased by excitement about NEW PEOPLE! We're so pleased to be getting to harbor Krissy Abdullah (for the summer) and Nina Ruelle (till we don't know when!). Introductions below (unbeknownst to either of them, they both have things to say about quahogs), and their first library pics are at the bottom of this newsletter. 

Nina is pleased to be newly nested into the dirt palace. She has been busy hunting for
flowers on Valley Street, teaching herself to weave, and figuring out the best way to
use her five buckets of shells from winter quahogging. She has dreams of creating
colossal embroideries and tiny lamps and wishes she had three more arms to do
things with because she's just too damned excited about everything right now.

Krissy Abdullah was raised by alligators in the swamps of the Suwanee, and
educated by the merpeople of Weekiwachee, where she received a Bachelors
degree in expressive synchronized swimming.
Since leaving her Florida native land, Krissy has been spending her summer
residency at the Dirt Palace with an intensive study of Don Bousquet, and
researching what a Quahog is (she is still not sure). When she’s not busy
learning the ways of Rhode Islanders, she locks herself away in the AS220
darkroom, where she cooks up kooky experiments with 16mm film. Or
sometimes you can find her in the DP screen printing room, making things
like patches for her friends’ band or crazy wallpaper designs.

Anyone want their living room wallpapered? Also, Krissy just bought a
domain name! But she still hasn’t figured out how to build a website, so
in the meantime check her out at

Over the past 5 weeks Xander has been taming the wild beast that is her 
fabric collection. She's finally got it down to under 50 boxes/milk-crates!  As part of this 
epic re-organization effort Xander also made five new quilts and a movie that 
form the basis for her installation Quilt Movie/Fabric Theater which is on view 
right now at the Bell Gallery at Brown University as part of the 
show Going Nowhere with old/new pals: Peter Glantz, David Udris, 
Kevin Hooyman, Jenny Nichols, & Tatyana Yanishevsky. Movie Soundtrack 
by Jeremy Harris

In the spirit of further (late) spring cleaning she put some posters up on the Dirt Palace etsy...
After a hiatus her web store has also resumed business.  

Muffy has been loving the warmer weather, starting seeds, growing as much as possible on the fire escape, and happy to learn that there was no reason to be intimidated by bulbs.
DWRI Leterpress did a phenomenal job hot foil stamping boxes for her witch finger pendants.  The rainbow holographic foil is absolutely swoon worthy, and the drawing byHeather Benjamin is out of control.
Muffy is offering a flash sale on her witch finger pendants, a total of 5 discounted for all the witches who aren't rolling in it.
lately she's been really psyched about instagram, @muffybrandt
see you at the beach!
Here is a picture of Jieun's plants from above.
In jewel news, Jieun has been dabbling in the world of hair pins.
Check em out at

Alison finally has a custom URL: !
Soon to be photographed properly and added to her webpage are the following:
She made this lamp as a part of Outpost Journal's Hidden Gem Project.  Now hanging in the front stairway of the Dirt Palace! 
She also got to make some posters for Whore Paint and Magic Lantern. Contact her if interested in one!

In other news, Alison just got back from a week long trip to Nova Scotia.
It was very beautiful. Here is a picture she took of a scenic vista.

Scream Queen headquarters will resume business in August when Pippi returns from NYC


KRISSY'S PICK: I break for Quahogs, by Don Boustuet. An obvious pick from
the Floridian. But I just can't get over these bizarre jokes! For example:
"Channel 36 news has a National Geographic Special on the odd, nomadic
movements of Rhode Island television anchor people"..... What??! There's also 
The quahog walks among us, a sequel!

NINA'S PICK: The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Insects
An English translation of a 1969 Czechoslovakian insect guide. Includes an all too accurate 
ode to the moth; "a very injurious pest."

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