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What Happens in September Stays in September

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(b. 1987 Philadelphia, PA) is a Providence artist and youth worker. He received a BA in Visual Art from Brown University in 2011. He was the Rhode Island Council on the Arts Painting Fellow in 2013, and the 2014 Harpo Foundation's Emerging Artist Fellow at the Santa Fe Art Institute. Recent solo exhibitions include Temporary Autonomous Moan at the AS220 Project Space Reading Room and Where’s the Bird Feeder? at RK Projects.

I’ve been using abstract paintings, sculptures, and installations to examine how the context of an object affects its appearance. In June, 2014, I’m trying to make things that confuse the inanimate lens but lay bare their basic-ness to two in-person eyes (or one that changes places). For my Dirt Palace installation I divided the space into three ‘rooms’ using two large paintings on sheets of thin, white fabric. The semi-transparency of the sheets allowed their placement and lighting to become more than mere ancillary elements. Instead they collaborate with the painted surfaces in determining how the objects look. Abstract paintings and sculptures—made of acrylic paint, fabric, and found wood—are installed between the sheets, alongside panels of my studio walls and digital prints on fabric and paper.


Krissy Abdullah is an artist from Gainesville, Florida. She just finished a summer residency at the Dirt Palace, and is now heading to Pittsburgh to continue her creative adventures. Krissy works primarily with 16mm film, video, and performance, and more recently has been dabbling in screen printing. She likes creating bright neon environments that would naturally make anyone else wanna puke, and loves karaoke. She also loves the obsessive repetition of wrapping things (which probably has to do with some sadistic deep-seeded need to coddle something that she’s not yet ready to admit). This is her first solo installation work.

Dirt Palace participated as a site for the People's Climate March wheat pasting campaign

Providence is one of the 30 cities participating in the wheat pasting campaign for the People's Climate March in NYC. This particular image was designed by Favianna Rodriguez from Oakland, CA and screenprinted by Jesse Purcell of the Justseeds collective.


Upon arrival to The Dirt Palace in July, Rachel spent an ungodly amount of time designing her living quarters to mimic the PBS Masterpiece Theatre sitting room. She was successful. As a result, Rachel can now be found seated cross-legged by candlelight in a leather chair in the exact center of her room, pupils dilated to black, crooning softly about literature.

WRITING: R.Lew is proud to announce her first self-published book, scheduled for release this coming November. This publication is a huge milestone, as it will be Rachel's very first piece of print work ("art you can weep, bleed, vomit, defecate, or urinate directly onto")

TWINGERS: solo saxophone composition/improvisation informed by intense physical endurance and ritual process

 September Shows 
@ PUFFERSS IV w/ many: Saturday, September 20th, 2014 [230 Oak St. Providence, RI]
@ AURORA w/ Chicklette, Yerri, Fatherfinger, Mincemeat or Tenspeed: Friday, September 26th
@ THEE ELDRITCH w/ Andrea Pensado, Sean Greenlee, Morgan Evans Weiler, Soft TargetSaturday, September 27th, 2014

VISUAL ART: In Memory of Dr. John David Lewallen (preview)

Rachel is enjoying her time at Dirt Palace very much
has work (including a collaborative piece with artist Coral Short) in two upcoming
exhibitions/screenings both opening on Saturday 20
th in NYC.

The Matricide (An Artificial Grammar for Nature) Opening Reception 6-9pm at CP Projects Space
Turning to Night, Screening 8pm, at Le Petite Versailles
Over the summer Cry Me a River was screened in (Not) Here, (Not) Now at Videology

Pippi collaborated with artist JD Raenbeau for the zine covers of Guilt by Association. Other featured artists in the project Callie Barker, Kristen Bisson, Hovey Brock, Tina Chavera, Amy Dolan, Quinn Dukes, Alexandra Hammond, Unnur Leifsdottir, Brandi Martin, Bryan Moore, Sam Nichols and Lauren Woods.
Zine photo
Scream Queen Headquarters has reopened its doors.
Muffy had a great time as the MC of this year's Foo Fest at AS220.
There were awesome performances all day and the Providence Comics Consortium did amazing things as the artists in residence.
She decided to make a different costume to introduce each act, it was a blast.
Muffy has been diverting her sadness about the end of summer by focusing on Halloween approaching.
Her etsy shop has a slew of Halloween items starting at $5 check them out at  or stop by her booth at the RISD Alumni Sale on October 10th on Benefit St.
A lover of sales, gimmicks, cheap thrills, and prizes, Muffy is running her first ever online giveaway.
One lucky winner will get a bronze handmade witch finger pendant!
Entries can be made via Instagram @muffybrandt  

Jieun’s summer has been rich with small pleasures and though it’s coming to a close, she couldn’t be more excited. Why, you ask? The only thing greater than a summer pleasure is an autumn one! 
She quit her job of 3.5 years making and restoring books at the end of July and is taking the world of 95% self employment for a spin. 
Otherwise, the objects shifting in and out of the room might alter themselves, but the room has remained the same. (a metaphor)
New things in the shop. Here is a Scorpio for all you Scorpios out there!
-From: A Scorpio


Life has been a real whirlwind of change lately. Summer was cool and Alison took some nice trips to nature, was the 'road dog' on tour, swam, had fun, etc.  
Some artistic higlights included being part of the National Poster Retrospecticus show at Machines with Magnets, making posters, and other stuff, etc.
She has work up at the RISD museum for the Outpost Journal release party this Thursday, September 18th 5-9 pm, open to the public! drinx snax n art
Here is a pic of the installation! 
Now it is Fall, which is a time for new things and nice activities such as apple picking, viewing foliage, and wearing a halloween costume.  Fall is probably her favorite season.
She has been spending a lot of time with dogs lately which is quite enjoyable and also has spent a lot of time in the big apple. Here is a pic of her holding a really cute alien dog.
Pixilation Party!
Watch the Video
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Pixilation Party! Shot in the course of an hour and a half at the last RISD Design the Night Artist Lab. Jeremy Harris made the soundtrack. Carolyn Genari and Maggie Nelson were awesome assistants. Hollis Mickey is such a great co-ordinator. And the performers, obviously were the best in the world. Thank you times a million! 

Want to see a bunch of Xander's movies? Go to the Pawtucket Film Festival Sunday September 28th 2pm

Nina spent her summer teaching herself how to weave, trying to get over her fear of table saws, and hunting for blueberries. She exhibited a piece in Anchor Studio's show, "Freshly Made: Environment," and created a psychedelic pigeon costume for a friend's mini-noise opera. She recently returned from a week of camping in the biggest state, and wishes that she'd managed to bring a caribou back with her to the smallest state. She also has a website!




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