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Chaotic Stench




Dirt Palace is looking for a new Artist in Residence Member to start in November

The Dirt Palace is a self organized feminist collective that supports  artists by providing affordable studio space, facilities, shared resources, opportunities and a culture of cooperation. The Dirt Palace is trans-inclusive, strives to be accountable and to work intersectionally.

Seeking experimental feminist with projects that will make use of our current facilities: Legal live/work space with: screen printing shop, letterpress, animation stand, music rehearsal room, wood shop, large shared space for building bigger projects, and library.

Members are expected to attend weekly meetings, monthly work days, do regular chores, keep the kitchen clean, and take a leadership role over running some aspect of the collective project vaguely falling under the conceptual roof of “The Dirt Palace”. If you are interested, all of this (and more!) will be explained in our epic 20 page document called “the Occupancy and Consciousness Agreement” that we will e-mail you upon request. Residencies at the Dirt Palace average about 24 months. We are looking for a commitment of at least a year minimum. Interviews will be held in early September.

Rent and expenses end up breaking down to about $430 - $455/month:
Rent - $300/month
Heat - $60/month (paid all year round)
Electric - $57 - $70/month (varies)
Internet - $13/month
Sundries - $10/month (TP, dish soap,etc)
Parking is included.

If you would like to learn more contact us at dirtpalace @ yahoo dot com

Book Release! Naty And My Chaotic Stench by Shey Rivera Ríos
Thurs, Aug 8, 2019, 7:30pm - 10pm

at the Dirt Palace, Free admission.
Magical realism readings + performances
Readings by:
Vatic Kuumba

Seth Tourjee

Then, a reading of Naty And My Chaotic Stench by Shey Rivera Ríos 
+ Special closing performance
Naty and My Chaotic Stench is a magical realism, coming of age story of a young brujx (witch) living in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Ali is a queer teenager growing up in rural Puerto Rico, going to punk shows with her friends. She is haunted by a bad smell that doesn’t seem to go away. Naty is Ali’s madrina, a bruja, about to be crowned as santera. Naty tries to help Ali by taking her to various healers and witches, doing readings, and preparing despojos (baths) to break spells. But nothing seems to work. That is, until Ali recognizes who she truly is. This magical realism story echos from the mountains in Puerto Rico. 


This is an edition of 100 beautifully printed books. Published by Anomalous Press. Cover printed by Erica Mena at Brown Book Arts, Providence, RI.  Original cover design by Andrea Pérez Bessin / Sainthammer Press.

Shey Rivera Ríos (pronouns: they/them) is a multi-genre artist and community organizer who’s work is at the intersection of art/culture, digital media, and civic engagement. Shey was born and raised in rural Puerto Rico and lives in Providence, RI. 

Shey Rivera Ríos (pronombres: elle, ellx) es artista de múltiples medios y gestorx cultural cuyo trabajo se encuentra en la intersección del arte / cultura, los medios digitales y el compromiso cívico. Shey nació y creció en la zona rural de Puerto Rico y vive en Providence, RI. 


Ruffles, Repair & Ritual: the Fine Art of
Fixing at RISD Museum
August 15, 2019 5-9pm Free!

Dirt Palace Public Projects is featured at RISD Museum's August Third Thursday with performance, video and DJs. Third Thursdays at the RISD museum are when the space is open at night! and free! This program, curated by Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez and J.R. Uretsky and features performances by Ayana Evans & Marsha Parilla, a screening by The Powers and the video premiere of The Assembly of Light Choir's new music video. Above photo: Ayana Evans, photo below: The Powers.
Brief descriptions of what's going on (i.e. the things you definitely won't want to miss!)
AYANA EVANS: Sparkle #5
About the piece: Evans will explore fashion, pop-culture, and artistic prestige in the Grand Gallery.  Her work investigates radical feminism and the idea that we are all interconnected. 
MARSHA PARILLA: on being here
About the piece: on being here is a contemplative movement piece that explores Marsha' journey as an immigrant woman of color of Afro-Indigenous descent.
THE POWERS: Tales from Crone Island 
About the piece: The Powers is a band, an artistic collaboration, and a research-creation group comprised of three sister-crones who are committed to weaving alternate realities through video, music, story-telling, dance, and ritualistic performance. In this video compilation, The Powers embark on a musical journey across Crone Island, where they throw potatoes, wake up the Sea Witch, and encounter animal kin, monstrous creatures, and other-dimensional entities. A musical, mythical journey with The Powers 

About the piece: Assembly of Light Choir sings to The Wedding Cake House (video premiere!!) 
Video by Kia Davis
Composed and Conducted by Chrissy Wolpert
Choreography by Eli Nixon
Performed by The Assembly of Light Choir: The Assembly of Light Choir is a ramshackle collection of characters from Providence, RI. They’ve been stealing hours to sing together since late 2008, when composer and singer Chrissy Wolpert invited a few people to her apartment to sing some songs she’d been working on. It went well. They kept coming back.

The Powers do an experimental residency Aug 15th through 21st and make the 3rd episode in their TV series Sistership TV. Learn more about them here. And mark your calendar for both the livestream of their TV show (Aug 18th) and their live performance at the Dirt Palace (Aug 21st). We'll likely send you another digest to give you all of the sundry details about the show on the 21st but just to make sure that YOU REALLY PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR...some things to know are that they'll be joined by Agua Viva and that Cody's working on an amazing top secret project & Xander & Daphne are scheming a collaboration. More TBA!!! 


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