Sunday, January 5, 2020

Dec - Jan 2020 Storefront Window





Maria Carolina Arentsen is a RISD graduate who majored in ILLUSTRATION. She was born in Chile and grew up on the east coast of the USA.
She worked as a Freelance Editorial Illustrator for 10 years, winning the John Randall Orth Award from RISD for one graduate who would focus on editorial illustration after graduation.
She has been included in Print Magazine’s National Regional Annual for judged selections of her work and has illustrated for many magazines such as Brown Alumni Monthly, The Annenberg Institute for School Reform’s Visions in Urban Education series (V.U.E) and as far as San Francisco and Estonia and Chile.
She worked for a few years in the jewelry industry and as a marketing director for
Bottles Fine Wine in Providence RI, where she helped them attain Best Local Wine Store of Rhode Island.
Her Illustration carreer involved an interest from Adobe to purchace her work as clip art but she decided not to do that and keep her artwork rights. She saw that the industry was going more in clip art direction so she became more involved in her painting.
Recently her artwork was displayed at Ti any & Co. for a show celebrating the work of local Latin American Artists. She has also exhibited locally at : Krauss Gallery at The Moses Brown School, Coastal Art Gallery in Wickford, RISCA’s Art Gallery, Newport Art Museum’s Coleman Center and Upside Gallery in Upstate NY. Her poster work has been exhibited in Estonian Opera and Cultural Events as well as the Atelier of Picasso in Paris.
Carolina had exhibitions in TF Green Airport and in Block Island Airport. She was asked to judge once for the Block Island Airport exhibition and now her exhibitions are permanently listed in The Public Art Archive.
She has been awarded citations by; MayorJorge Elorza, Former Governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Cha ee and also exhibited her work in the o ce of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.
She works also in furniture restoration, improvement and creativity. Creative projects of all kinds are her fortė.
My installation is a dialogue with the window and my paintings.
It’s very white and clean and very colorful and busy.
I am interested in minimalism but my paintings deal with a variety of complexities
which are dealing with abstract layering and drawing, life drawing, conceptual drawing etc.
Many life….in one picture…like life.
I have reflective materials and neon fabrics in this window display
Because it’s in an intersection, and to make it effective both day and night was my aim.

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