Sunday, September 6, 2009


human beast is the nicest band!!! it's like noise/distortion/pop/jam, sort of like distant electrical storm--- catchy (but not nagging!), fun to watch but not because of novelty-- also with girlscreams, wonderful singing and vibrating static. maralie plays the microphone and eli plays the tiny twisty thing that's electronic while stretching. sometimes maralie takes off her blank face and has totally freaky white eyeshadow on, and then i suddenly feel like i'm too close and try and back up (in a good way) but there's a pole behind me so i can't. maralie is like a tiny rapper who doesn't rap and eli is like the best kind of pink gumbie if gumbie was less boring (and wasn't wearing flared pants). anyway currently human beast is on tiny tour! i love to see them so this is great, because other people can see too.
here they go!!!:
SEPT 8 Kansas City, MO.. crossroads info shop
SEPT 9 Iowa City, IA…… tba
SEPT 10 Bloomington, IN.. Rachel’s cafe w\ Universe
SEPT 11 Columbus, OH…. help help!!!
SEPT 12 Pittsburg, PA….. generator show
SEPT 14 W. MASS………. inquire
additionally, the best part about this post is you can download their album soft and removable without feeling like a sketchy internet thief cuz they posted it themselves!! i dunno which one is my favorite favorite track but i really like oignons and i wanna hurt!

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