Tuesday, September 15, 2009

lose #1

today in our mailbox we got michael deforge's 24 pg b&w masterpiece, a copy of which he so kindly donated to our library!! i don't even know what its about. actually i kind of know what its about, its an epic story about a tiny man who has to go to hell and has several darkly humorous and/or mildly depressing interactions with multiple melting once-adorable characters, speckled between vignettes illustrating the super-real misery of the justice league america & friends. presumably to achieve freedom, our tiny man hero must reach the drooly eyeless pinnacle of mt. ABANDON. it's sort of like looking in a mirror.
deforge draws minute brilliance in the form of tiny triangles, cirlces, an abundance of sweat and details detail that most others would find irrelevant. he's also totally mastered comics in black and white, which i feel like is an often underrated achievement these days and uses a computer in a way that might spark the question "really? he uses a computer?".
additonally, despite a slew cameos by famous cartoon characters such as bullwinkle, homer simpson, dottie or whatever, garfield, mr fantastic, the waitress from that strip about the lawyer bird and the entirety of the JLA including totally wasted batman, never does the suspension of disbelief falter and never do you feel like deforge has made a comic that is anything but his own.
also, can we just talk about 'dogs in college'? i don't even know. so charming. i like that deforge draws great comics so i don't have to.
there are more pictures below! if you want your own copy you can PAYPAL michael.deforge(at)gmail(dot)com $5 plus $1.50 shipping to north american or $3 overseas published 2009 by koyama press
ADDITIONALLY if you want to be cool just like mike deforge, you can donate your comic or zine or book or whatever to the dirt palace library collection and maybe i'll blog about it like a total blog nerd!!! mail to: dirt palace, 14 olneyville sq. providence ri 02909 u.s.a.

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